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General / Few random pictures and thoughts
« on: October 17, 2022, 11:52:42 AM »
Ok, so in this topic as a break from our favourite board game, I would like to share with you some photographs and thoughts that you may find interesting  ;D

I will start with this picture of yarn, becouse knitting is quite nice hobby, isn't it?

However, to be able to knit all day you need to have the energy to do so.
I don't think that a healthy salad with feta cheese can provide the necessary amount of energy, at least not for long.
Pulled pork with green peas, carrots and mashed potatoes should be good for that, and will probably be also tastier too.

Have you ever wondered how much of the unknown still remains out there, be it on our planet in the depths of the oceans or even more among the countless stars in space?

But back to down to earth topics, think about buying gifts for your loved ones for Christmas in advance, avoiding all the shopping madness in December, and don't let it be that one board game that sits in your head all the time, think about something else from time to time for a change  ;D

I apologise for the chaotic nature of this topic, something keeps occupying my mind  ::)

And anticipating questions, the photos were made using Stable Diffusion, and I have no idea why they could be used in Carc Central Edition :o
I encourage you to view them in full size (right click and open image)  ;)

The Flying Machines 2 as Add-on for JCloisterZone can be downloaded HERE

Original The Flying Machines had only roads (or no roads), those 8 new tiles have cities.

Minimum version of JCZ required for this Add-on is 5.7.2

With quite a bit of delay, it's ready.
Enjoy!  :)

General / Grid mats
« on: April 24, 2022, 05:07:00 AM »
How do you ease aesthetically pleasing tile laying without using 3D printed grids? Answer is simple, a grid mat :D

At first I prepared everything manually, it didn't take that long, but all the text layers were causing an incredible load on the computer. However, after presenting the grid mats to @Meepledrone he said that the A0 format I was working on was too small for his table. So he created a script that generates a grid of arbitrary dimensions along with coordinates for which I am very grateful as it was very helpful  ;D So besides standard A0 and A1 sizes there is also 4A0 in case someone needs a really big format.

There are also versions without coordinates, but those can be helpful while creating game notation or just to simply commenting a game without points a finger  ;)

For basic design you can cut the costs by asking in print shop to print it as technical drawing, couple times cheaper than full color print, and without much difference. As you can see on photo above I've done exactly that on test print.

The grids are prepared to fit the tiles perfectly, so if you want more slack or space in the case of sleeved tiles, ask the print shop to print at 100.5% :)


Based on new Big Box aesthetics, I've also prepared fancy and simple C3 versions.

Grid mats available in download section.
Enjoy! :)

Robber's Son as Add-on for JCloisterZone can be downloaded HERE

8 new tiles providing mechanic for removal followers from roads, just as Princess removes from cities.

Minimum version of JCZ required for this Add-on is 5.9.1

With quite a bit of delay, it's ready.
Enjoy!  :)

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