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General / Re: Problems with WICA
« on: January 18, 2024, 11:20:03 PM »
It is now working again on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Thanks for the purge, no special action was taken on my Browsers

General / Re: Problems with WICA
« on: January 18, 2024, 06:38:58 AM »
Blank on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox in USA

Official Rules / Re: The Drawbridges – Rules
« on: December 16, 2023, 12:13:28 AM »
Please excuse my image without any meeples on it!

Red places the CCCF tile and claims the city with his meeple.  On his next turn he draws and adds the Cathedral Tile and places his builder on it.  Then Green draws the Monastery Tile, places his Green meeple on the Monastery, leaving the road unoccupied.

On my Blue turn, I draw the Drawbridge tile.  As I understand the rules, I can add it to the incomplete Red city, and place my Large Meeple on the Drawbridge road!

The road is now complete so I score 2 points, and the Drawbridge is down because the city is incomplete, so I can also move my Large Meeple into the city!

Is that what the rules allow?

News and Events / Re: The Drawbridges - New mini coming soon
« on: November 30, 2023, 07:12:57 AM »
The promotional material and the envelope only include moats, but the actual tiles include 4 ditches with no water. I asked about that discrepancy yesterday. Let's see what they say.

Yesterday the rules were updated on Cundco, only  couple of things still to update, including the tiles with ditches instead of moats used in the rules.

Did we get a final answer on the empty ditches vs the filled moats?

Is it just an artistic difference on the tiles with the same rules, or are their different rules for the empty ditches?

News and Events / Re: The Drawbridges - New mini coming soon
« on: November 26, 2023, 06:44:59 AM »
Throughout the Wiki page there are phrases like: “If you have the majority on the road” and “you may move your meeple”.  But if I understand the concept of this expansion, it is not always “you” that can move the meeples.  It is the player with the single majority on the road.

For example, if you place yellow’s tile from example 2  to complete one of your cities, and the road portion of the tile completes a road that leads to another city, it is the player that has the single majority on that road that gets to move their meeples.

News and Events / Re: The Drawbridges - New mini coming soon
« on: November 21, 2023, 08:53:13 PM »
Just took a look at the WikiCarPedia page for the Drawbridges.  The promotional image shows all 12 bridges over motes that are filled with water. But the Tile Distribution images on the Wiki Page are showing 4 of the bridges over empty motes.

Are there changes to the rules that are not published yet?

News and Events / Re: The Drawbridges - New mini coming soon
« on: November 19, 2023, 07:33:18 AM »
LOL ;D This is why we love the game   :)  The various interpretations of the rules make is open to house rules >:D

News and Events / Re: The Drawbridges - New mini coming soon
« on: November 19, 2023, 02:47:05 AM »
After reading the preliminary Drawbridges page on WikiCarPedia, we are already hooked on the expansion. But we have one question.

The last sentence in 3. Scoring a feature says: “If more than one player has the majority on the road, no player can move their meeple to the city.”

What happens when the tile I place completes a road where another player has the majority?  The rest of the page keeps talking about how “you” can cross the bridge.  Does completing another player’s road rob that player from thelr ability to cross the bridge? Possibly protecting my city!

General / Re: Print actual PnP Carcassonne tiles for personal use
« on: November 04, 2023, 10:48:23 AM »
The only problem that we have found with the Carcassonne – Blank-Sheet tiles from cundco is the white paper on top of the tiles.  We use a sharp blade to cut a shallow X in the center of each tile and carefully peel off the white paper before pasting the Sticker Project Paper on the cundo tile.

When you leave the white paper on the tiles, you can see the thin white lines on the sides of the fan tiles when you have your unused tiles in inverted stacks.

News and Events / Re: New expansion teased featuring castle moats
« on: October 05, 2023, 01:21:12 AM »
OK, that was a little exaggerated, but only slightly!

“The Cité's first stones were placed in 122 BC by the world's greatest conquerors at the time, the Romans. They occupied the Languedoc until 5th century, until the arrival of the Visigoths.”

So the first stone of Carcassonne City was laid by the Romans about 2023 + 122, 2145 years ago, not 2500!

News and Events / Re: New expansion teased featuring castle moats
« on: October 04, 2023, 03:29:08 PM »
Love the looks of the new tiles, can’t wait to find out how they will affect the rules for the rest of the game.

What I like most is that this type of additional feature is something that would have possibly existed 2500 years ago when Carcassonne was defending itself against the Roman Empire!

General / Printing and trimming Carcassonne fan-expansion tiles
« on: August 02, 2023, 07:11:00 AM »
When we try to print fan-expansion tiles on sticky backed paper, then use a light table to paste the images onto Carcassonne blank tiles; we face two possible problems!

  • If we print the tile exactly the proper size for the final tile, and we do not place the blank tile exactly on the printed tile, when we then cut off the extra sticky paper with an exacto knife, we end up with some white edges where the blank tile placement was not exact!
  • If we print the tile a bit larger so we can avoid any white edges, we are forced to trim off some of the tile’s details at the edges.  For example, the coat of arms gets closer to the corner of the tile.

I put on my papa “Geek” hat and came up with a solution to both of these problems.  I’m using some of the HTML style features so I can just print the tiles twice - - - on top of each other!

This is an example of one of the fan-expansion Flying Machine 2 tiles.  I printed it 3 times so I can explain all of the steps that were taken in my new HTML <style> section.

If you want to print your own copy of this example, there are step by step instructions at the end of this post to help you copy the required files to a directory on your computer.

My personal images of the Flying Machine 2 tiles are 314 pixels square. To help illustrate the tile on tile placement, I added a 1 pixel black border around one of those tiles to create the 316 pixel square image for the tile on the right side of this sample.

Using HTML <style> coding I printed each tile twice, on top of each other.  The first/bottom image is 179 pixels square and the second/top image is the proper 171 pixels square, the tile that you actually want to cut and paste onto your Carcassonne blank tile. Because of the extra black border, you can see this in the “How Its Done” image as a tile sized box is just barely centered inside a slightly larger box!

The Math: I placed 31 Carcassonne tiles side by side on my desktop and measured them as exactly 55 inches.  55 divided by 31 equals 1.77419 inches for each tile. The standard for displaying on a computer screen is 96 pixels per inch, so a Carcassonne tile should be 55/31*96, 170.323 pixels square! Even the cheapest printers print at a resolution of 600 dots per inch, 1,064 dots per tile! So, the higher the resolution of your copies of your tile images, the better the quality of your printed tiles.

Printing a tile image 171 pixels square would require about one third of a pixel to be trimmed off of each edge of the tile. The 179 pixel magnified image under the final Carcassonne tile stretches the outer border an extra 4 pixels to give you plenty of room to place and trim your blank tile with no white border is your placement isn’t perfect!

This will be the basic HTML coding used to print each tile . . . twice:

    <td class=overlay><img class=ot0 src=CFFFv.jpg>
                                <img class=ct0 src=CFFFv.jpg></td>

Each tile will be an HTML overlay where you print the Oversized Tile, ot0, first, 179 pixels square, then you print the Carcassonne Tile, ct0, 171 pixels square, centered on top of the oversized tile.

Here are the steps to create your own copy of my directory for printing tiles this way:

The first step in creating your own files for creating these tiles is to create an empty directory on your computer, then right click on each of the following 3 images, copy the image, then paste a copy of it into your directory.

The actual Carcassonne Flying Machine tile, CFFFv.jpg, 314 x 314 pixels.

The actual Carcassonne Flying Machine tile, CFFFvp2.jpg, 314 x 314 pixels.

Carcassonne tile back, Blank.jpg, 166 x 166 pixels

The next step is to create a blank notepad file: demo.txt

Read all 4 steps before creating your HTML file

1. This link will display the tiles
2. Right click on a white area on the page, then select “View Page Source” from the pop-up menu.
3. Copy all of the source code and paste in into your demo.txt file.
4. Rename demo.txt to demo.html, then double click the file to open it.

I’ve included some basic comments in the style section of the HTML file to explain what is happening.  Feel free to ask any questions here on this thread, or you can just PM me.

General / Re: Need a link to the original Families expansion
« on: July 20, 2023, 11:28:36 AM »
Yes, it seems that most of the Carcassonne expansions lean toward the cities.

Looking for roads and fields: the original Wells fan-expansion was 10 tiles (40 edges) with only 3 city edges.  Then it was expanded to 15 tiles with 8 city edges.

And the original 8 Flying Machine Tiles mini-expansion had no city edges, until the fan-expansion added 8 more Fliers, all on City Tiles!

Even both the Halflings I and Halflings II tiles have 8 of the 12 tiles with cities!

And just for a total Geek Speak!  the 72 Basic Game tile edges are: 79 city, 119 field, 90 road

General / Re: Need a link to the original Families expansion
« on: July 19, 2023, 08:35:55 AM »
Thanks wolnic, the V3 link makes a lot of sense.  It includes 6 downloadable tile JPGs with 6 tiles each, 36 total tiles.  The bottom of the expansion rules state that 12 new tiles were added in version 2, and the first 24 tiles include exactly 13 Red/Yellow crests, 10 for the Basic Game and 3 for Inns and Cathedrals. 

This matches all the information that I was able to uncover about the Family Feud between the Blue/White and Red/Yellow family crests.

And the JPutt927 Family Feud is also interesting.  Those tiles include 4 different family crests that seem to be friendly with each other, but score differently depending on which family has the most crests in a completed city.

It also includes a 5th family crest that is not mentioned in the rules.

Our group is definitely going to have a lot of house discussions and eventual rules about the Families!

General / Re: Need a link to the original Families expansion
« on: July 19, 2023, 04:11:14 AM »
I was able to uncover another 2013 post for JPutt927's "Family Feud"

It includes links to 21 Family Crest tiles and 6 non-crest tiles from 4 different Families! With some interesting rules on who owns a city when multiples families are in the same city.

BUT, I’m still not sure if these are the original Families tiles?

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