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Glasses for color blindness

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Hi guys,

I just came across this article by chance and wanted to share it, especially with those of you with some degree of color blindness.

I don't know if you already heard about the EnChroma glasses. They use a filter to cut out the overlapping light wavelengths that cause poor color discrimination, allowing for a clearer distinction between colors, especially red and green.,colors%2C%20especially%20red%20and%20green.

What do you think?


Just a video of people trying the glasses on...

The reactions are amazing!

this is a major subject for those with color blindness that we never think about, bravo Meepledrone for having thought about it
this reminds me of a true story,
Many years ago I was chatting with a friend and offered him a kitten, because I had a litter of small cats at home, on which he replied "but you gave me one 1 year ago"
surprised by this oversight I ask him what color, he replies "green, with stripes"
indeed it was a tabby kitten that I had given him

After coming across all this, I was thinking of all things we take for granted!  :-\

What? Aren't tabby cats always green?  ;)  :green-meeple:

I kept looking into the subject. The glasses work for Protanomaly (reduced sensitivity to the red color) and Deuteranomaly (reduced sensitivity to the green color).

A guy has two interesting videos on Youtube, where he explains color blindness and tries the glasses on and reviews how his perception of color changes:

Part 1 - How Colour Blindness Works

Part 2 - Do Color Blind Glasses Really Work?


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