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Reupload of old extensions on the old forum

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Le Merlin Fou:
Hi everyone,

I'm a little french guy who want to save every extensions that was created on this forum, and maybe translate them into my langage (for frenchies who are not friendly with English).

Is it possible to reupload some of extensions on the old forum that I can't find anymore (broken link).

As I do this on my breakfast time each day, I'll post a new message each time I found a broken link rather than post a list

So firstly I can't found crop circle 3

If anyone could reupload or send this to me...

I also see that I can't login on the old forum, how is it possible to do so?

Big thanks and love to everyone


Have a look here

You can't login to the old forum.

I tried to recover/reupload it to the current forum. So you should have a look there

Le Merlin Fou:
Thank a lot :)

More generally: are all the old extensions of the old forum reuploaded on the the download section of the new forum?

Hi Le Merlin Fou!

Congrats for your first posts!

You will usually find all the completed expansions. There may be more than 300 expansion old and new. Murphy013 was scanning the old forums to check if something was missing or even could be completed. If you miss something, let us know.  ;D

So you are into C1? Are you creating a collection of C1 fan expansions?


Le Merlin Fou:
I Play both (but more at the C2 and sometime mix C1 and C2)

I'm actually on a big project that I'll maybe talk when it will be more finished (maybe it will take some years ^^).

A part of it is to laser cut tiles, and for that I have to recreate some tiles into a compatible format for the laser printer.
So is there any problem if I use tiles created on this forum? Have I to contact each creator of fan extensions to ask permission to do so?

I prefer asking before make a mistake :)

Meeply yours


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