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--- Quote from: whaleyland on January 20, 2016, 02:46:44 AM ---I have a copy of Inns & Cathedrals, Trader & Builder, and Hills & Sheep in the old art from Big Box 5 which I'll get rid of [...] in 2018. I'll put it up for sale then, although I will definitely be trying to make a little profit with it. Gotta recoup the cost of the box after all.
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Haha, thought exactly the same. :D Wanted to sell the expansion last year, but now I thought that waiting might pay more.  ;D

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Do you think the price will go up that much that waiting is worth it?

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My experience is that when something popular goes out of stock permanently, it's value increases rapidly and then slowly plateaus as the number of people who are willing to by it decreases as the perceived/requested value increases. Except for LEGOs, which only increase in price. Just check the price of Memoir 44 Tigers in the Snow, or Catan Saggsen Gaden.

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+1 to this. The only thing I would add is that I always thought the plural of Lego was just Lego (rather than Legos). Can we get an official ruling on this? C:-)


It's a British thing I think Dan.  It will always be lego for me too  :(y) :(y)

I'm not sure how popular the old artwork will be in a few years.  Yes there will be some people that want to finish their sets, or need replacements.  But new players will want new artwork and expansions to match.  At the moment about 50% of Carcassonne photos of twitter are new artwork.

I had a look over at (the world's leading site for buying and selling Lego...) and I can't see any reference to "Legos" - Lego is used as singular and plural there - so in the absence of Susie Dent to opine, I'll go with Bricklink's interpretation :)

This forum is horrible on keeping threads on topic, lmao.

Lego is the brand name.  The individual parts are Lego bricks.  It is only Americans who say legos.


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