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A spin off to I love the postman... thread.   :yellow-meeple:

Today I got hold of Zpocalypse expansion set from a local store for just 1 Euro. Never heard of nor played this game, but the price made it impossible for me not to buy it. And there was only one copy left.


5 mins to Midnight on a Saturday. Has been a long day, but relaxing and came home about 30 mins ago.

This is what I came home with:

South Seas only costs 139 Swedish Krona on one of the local stores, which is weird. That's roughly 15 Euro.

Good choices Paul! I hope you have lots of fun with your new purchases... :(y)

I thought I'd start this to compete with the infamous I Love the Postman Thread. 

Sometimes I manage to get out of my sofa and visit a shop and on even rarer occasions I buy stuff while I'm there.  and I can't thank the postman for that!  (I guess I could have called the thread - "I love myself")

I visited my FLGS (Friendly Local Game Shop/Store) today and bought:

Co-op deduction game, won SdJ1985 and was reprinted in 2014.


I couldn't resist!

I'll post some content later so you can all moan at the artwork.  ;)

Hi Decar, nice idea but Paul already started a thread just like this.

Also: he didn't ruin his thread with the heresy of Carcassonne II.  >:D  O0


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