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Games equipment made by fans

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Games equipment made by fans

Hello everyone, I thought it would be a good idea to create a thread for discussions about gaming equipment made by fans.
We are all concerned by the problem of storing wooden parts which is too small in the original box, by the classification of game cards that no longer want to contain the basic housing, by the box that closes badly because everything is so overflowing. we added more material, in short all our little daily troubles as insatiable players that we are.
I try to make play equipment with recovered elements that I assemble or modify, but also from other unusable games that I recycle or transform for my personal needs at the time.
Hope you will share your creations and tips on this discussion thread


Dice area.
The dice rolling on the game board overturning everything in their path became unbearable, I decided to fix it.

Pharmacies regularly get rid of packaging from boxes containing body care products, sometimes the boxes are quite pretty and sturdy. So grab one, cut a nice square of leather that you place at the bottom to dampen noise and improve roll.

Well, that's it.

Corinthians13 should be royalty in this thread with his box -  :pink-meeple:

Tile holder

We all have, in a corner, an old useless piece of wood that we use either for the fire or for the recycling center. Well, it's time to recycle this old board as a tile holder for your games.
Strip the board and sand it, then make nice furrows deep enough to insert the tiles without hurting them. Finally, cut the 6 six equal pieces for your favorite game.

Well, that's it.

That tile is amazing.

Odoslané z SM-A202F pomocou Tapatalku


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