Author Topic: The Robber, The Tower, and Bazaars  (Read 2159 times)

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The Robber, The Tower, and Bazaars
« on: February 07, 2015, 10:51:44 AM »
In the rules for The Robbers in the CAR it states:
When a counting figure of another player moves forward, if a robber stood on the space where that follower started, the owner of the robber gets half of the points (rounded up).
Yet, when we look at the Order of Play section of the CAR even though are sections for paying a ransom, and performing an auction there is no indication that this affects the robbers.  Could someone clarify if the robber moves when a player scores points from being paid a ransom or being paid for a tile in an auction please.

This also raises the question of whether a robber moves backwards with a follower if points are lost so the robber is not stranded or even the possibility that the robber scores negative points when points are lost...

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Re: The Robber, The Tower, and Bazaars
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2015, 09:50:25 AM »
Yes, the payment of a ransom or the payment at an auction does score points for the robber, as the counting figure is moving forward. Omission of that in the Order of Play was my oversight.

(Interestingly, payment of points for ransoming a follower or bidding in a bazaar does not count as a round of scoring for the purposes of the Messages.)

We don't have an answer for the situation of negative movement of the counting follower -- that's one of the questions that kettlefish has for HiG now. My guess is that the robber just keeps hanging on to the counting follower until the next positive movement, but that's not official.
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