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Question about Ferry placements

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Hello everyone,

I have a question that may be obvious to answer.

Regarding the ferries: if I extend a road that has a 4-way Lake. Let's say the ferry goes from North to South and I extend on the South, would it be possble to move the ferry so that it goes East to West?


Vital Pluymers:
Yes, that's allowed. Whenever you extend the road the ferry is placed on, this ferry can be repositioned on that lake without any placement restrictions.

Correct. The rules only state a requirement affecting th initial position of the ferry, but no restrictons about its final position. Here you are a couple of examples where you can see you extend the road connected to the ferry (1) and then it can move to any position (2).

Wait it can make a cross ? Mind blown ....

You didn't know that? :D Then how would you connect those roads?


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