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Last year I discovered Kickstart as way of buying tabletop games and got hooked.
Most of the ("good") projects create a nice community on the comment section and more often than not you're close enough to the creators to suggest this and that.

Until now I've backed and received:
Exploding Kitties - An easy enough "UNO"-like party game with dubious taste humour, that ensue to create a huge record breaking project.
101/101.1 - A small card game for two players based on programming language commands with solo-play rules, which is always nice when you have no one to play with.

And backed waiting to receive:
The 7th Continent - An "“choose-your-own-path” exploration board game" based on the Fighting Fantasy books mechanics. I loved the books when I was growing up so I have to say I completely lost myself on this one.
Kodama: The Tree Spirits - Loved the art work and simplicity of the mechanics so I backed this and will play it with my 4yrs old until she can properly play Carcassonne :D
TAVARUA - A boardgame based on Surf?! Of course I'm backing and I'm not even a surfer.

I also backed the "Wish I Was Here" movie by Zach Braff, so you've a lot of targets to throw your money to.

So not sure if you're already active on Kickstart, be sure to drop your project suggestions if you're, or give it a look although I strongly disapprove you do if you're a impulse buyer. ;D ;D


Great idea for a thread ChooseLife - I'll leave this here for now and you can take a look at my horrendous list later.  Kickstarter re-initiated my boardgame addiction.

Edit: So far:

Under Consideration:

Biergarten: A Light Card-Laying Game of Bavarian Traditions
Nemo's War: Second Edition - Solo game
Girrion Book 1 The Chrysalis & the Stone Issue #3
More Game Upgrade Kits by Meeple Source! - For Orleans
Karmaka - A tactical card game for 2-4 souls

Board Games:

Rivet Wars - Purchased on a whim. Love it. Made a fan site, scenario editor and re-ignited my board game love.
Wildman: An "Evolutionary" Action RPG (Canceled)
Japanese: The Game, a language-learning card game. - Crap Project good learning tool
Arcadia Quest - Rivet Wars was good, this was pretty fun mini game too.
Tooth and Sword - awesome minis for my wife.
Compounded: Geiger Expansion - Pretty good game with more players.
Clockwork Wars, a fantasy-steampunk war game - Great tactical area control game
Japanese: The Game - Tokyo Edition! A Language Learning Game - see above
The Underground: A Sam & Fuzzy RPG - See below
The Dice Tower - 2015 (Season 11)
Exploding Kittens
Above and Below- Storytelling Board Game - Great Game - I have a microreview in the Other Games forum
Rahdo Runs Through... YEAR FOUR! - Dragon's for my Wife!
MYTH: Journeyman - Looked interesting, but it's been slated.
Burgle Bros. - A Cooperative Heist Boardgame - Amazing!
JunKing - Only Kickstarter where Europe got it 3 months before America!
Orcs Must Die! The Boardgame - I like the PC game a lot.
B-Sieged: Sons of the Abyss - CMON again
The Dwarves: The Saga - Game looked OK, but really I backed for the drinking vessals.
GRIM - A "Roll For Your Life!" Dice Game - Micro developer, I got to design a fate card to share with other backers.
Vanguard Meeples - Shiny Shiny Meeples
Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach Card Game - Solo card game
Loop, Inc. by Scott Almes. Time might NOT be on your side! - Not had chance to play this yet
Darkrock Ventures - Asteroid Mining in Deep Space Board Game - Still awaiting
Trove: The Crystal Caverns - Reading PnP the asymmetic adventure game.
Rivals: Masters of the Deep - Minis
Arcadia Quest: Inferno - ALL THE MINIS
Kingdom Builder - Marshlands - Not got any of it, so now I have it all!

PC Games:
Double Fine Adventure - Point and Click Game - Partially Delivered...meh
Planetary Annihilation - A Next Generation RTS - I loved Total Annihilation - PC not good enough to play this though :(
Castle Story - Build Castles & Destory them - looks postivie but still in development
Broken Sword - the Serpent's Curse Adventure - Mainly for my Wife
Pluck - solo developer - decided to forget to publish his game, did manage in the end
Project Eternity - Obsidian's RPG - PC Not quite good enough to play it :(
Dizzy Returns - Dizzy Egg! But project was Cancelled
Sir, You Are Being Hunted - Sandbox surival - delivered was pretty good!
FIST OF AWESOME - micro developer - pretty fun.
Project GODUS - Peter Molyneux - apparently it was delivered, was ok.
Race the Sun - An Infinite Speed Experience - Simple racing game, quite nice
ROAM - cancelled after funding. Some stupid legal dispute
Battle Worlds: Kronos - Turn-based strategy revisited - Delivered, not bad steep learning curve.
The Realm Game - Cancelled
GoD Factory: Wingmen - Didn't meet funding goal.
Pulse - Reveal the world through sound - Still in development
Armikrog. - Not had chance to play yet.
Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet! (Retro Pirate Adventure) - Awesome Adventure game!
WARMACHINE: TACTICS - PC Not good enough to play
Legend of Iya - Micro dev - just about finished.
CANDLE - A Dynamic Graphic Adventure - still in development
GoD Factory: Wingmen - Didn't meet funding goal.
Interstellaria - still in dev
Night In The Woods - awesome artwork adventure game - still in dev, but great project
Dropsy - adventure game, not had chance to play yet :(
LISA the painful RPG - was a character in game...but didnt email the guy soon enough...well received though
BEDLAM - Banner Saga was great, thought I'd support these guys, not had chance to play yet!
Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Shadowrun returns was good, so thought I'd support this

Atomic Robo: Last Stop - Not Delivered
The Fitzroy - Post Apocalyptic film - still on close

Comics & Books:
sad pictures for children - Artist Went Mad and burned all the books.  Someone took surviving copies and sent them out.
FUBAR: American History Z - Zombie Comic, pretty random but artist did draw in all the books.
Sam & Fuzzy Two-Volume Omnibus - Really Nice web comic got published!
B is for Blobfish - Slow project but still moving forward.

PIXEL: Interactive LED Art - LED wall art for my wife.
Royal Llama: The Fiber of Friendship - Wool for my Wife from Peru.
A Land of Narrow Paths - Map of Japan - artist hit by a car, slow progress.

Never have backed a game on kickstart yet, but in 2013 (actually before I got hooked on board games), I backed Steam Noir: Revolution on a similar platform, called "Startnext". It was a German project, based on a German comic album (at that time, kickstart was exclusively for US projects). Just played the game once, though it was fun. Like I said, I backed that, before I got into the hobbie. Should hit the table again at some time.

Agreed, great idea Chooselife!

Hello my name is Franks and I have a problem  :P  ;D

I have also become a Crowdfunding fan. Below is my Kickstarter list, (collected and uncollected). In addition I’ve backed 5 projects on Indigogo. Four of these were to support the Watch it Played Content creator and also the Vanguard Metal meeples that I really enjoy.

The pledge amount range from $1.00 to just under $200 with the average coming in around $20.00, so not as exorbitant as it might seem. My first pledge dates back to 2012 and the list is not in the order backed..

1.   Kingdom Builder – Marshlands. Add to my Big box set
2.   Deep Space D6 - Solo Sci-fi independent designer game
3.   The Great War - UK based PSC, Command and Colors system. Great fan of all the C&C iterations, (like Memoir '44, Ancients)
4.   Tank! An expansion pack for The Great War (UK based)
5.   Draco Magi - Enjoyable relatively simple card battle game with great art.
6.   Draco Magi Magi Expansion
7.   (Draco Magi) Dragon Playmats, (ordered one matt and received 4 bonus matts in error. I was instructed to keep them!).
8.   (Draco Magi) The Sun & The Moon Dragons (small card expansion)
9.   (Draco Magi) The Deep Sea, Blood & Ice Dragons (small card expansion)
10.   (Draco Magi) The Forest & The Star Dragons (small card expansion)
11.   (Draco Magi) Dragons Playing Card Deck (small card expansion)
12.   Push It, the table top skill game you can take anywhere! Great little dexterity game. (UK based)
13.   Marco's Board Game Video Reviews - Season 6! CONTENT CREATOR
14.   Marco's Board Game Video Reviews - Season 4! CONTENT CREATOR
15.   Rahdo Runs Through... YEAR FOUR!  CONTENT CREATOR
16.   Rahdo Runs Through... Year Three! CONTENT CREATOR
17.   Drive Thru Gen Con 2014 Coverage CONTENT CREATOR
18.   The Dice Tower – 2013. Well he doesn’t need my help anymore ;D CONTENT CREATOR
19.   Meeple Syrup Show. CND - CONTENT CREATOR
20.   BAND OF BROTHERS WWII BOARD GAME SERIES (set of 3 games). Once a Grognard always a ……
21.   Epic Card Game – By the makers of Star Realms. Epic Fail, at least for my taste.
22.   One Night Resistance. Want some variety in party games.
23.   Cucu Dice: (Unique) Custom Designed Dice for Arkham or Eldritch Games – Canadian designer
24.   The Letter Carrier – Independent Canadian Film. Liked what what I saw and backed for a nominal amount.
25.   Bottom of the 9th: A Dice & Card Game of Classic Baseball. Just looked plain fun!
26.   Open Combat - Miniature Skirmish Game Rulebook – Love tabletop skirmish games!!! (UK based)
27.   On Target: Laser Designator For Line of Sight & Firing Arcs. CND. For use with X-Wing
28.   Tiny Epic Galaxies. Very good game (imo)
29.   Conan – Most money spent but excited for the game.
30.   Galaxy of Trian. The first Carcassonne clone in space .. yet to play  :(
31.   Dragon Slayer – Inexpensive but didn’t care for this one at all …
32.   Lagoon: Land of Druids. Beautiful game – yet to played
33.   Dungeon Roll - Winter Promo Pack. Add on for Dungeon Roll, which I enjoy!
34.   The Best Damn Metal Gaming Coins Ever! Great coins wish I got more.
35.   Alien Uprising. Looked fun glad I backed it
36.   Flash Point: Fire Rescue - Extreme Danger. One of my top 10 game series – Love it !!
37.   Flash Point: 2nd Story, Urban Structures & FF Figures
38.   Flash Point - Honor & Duty Expansion
39.   Battle for Hill 218 and Sector 219 ($1.00) Shipping was way too high to full back.

From the same creators, UP FRONT the card game & Airborne In Your Pocket Board Game - Unfulfilled and creators left the country. You can find all the gory details on BGG  :(n) :(n)


--- Quote from: franks on January 20, 2016, 09:24:04 PM ---EPIC FAILURES
From the same creators, UP FRONT the card game & Airborne In Your Pocket Board Game - Unfulfilled and creators left the country. You can find all the gory details on BGG  :(n) :(n)

--- End quote ---
I backed both too, even after rumours started spreading during the UP FRONT campaign that something was amiss. I couldn't help myself. The crossover potential with D-Day Dice was too strong. I did get that game with all the bits and still like it quite a lot. It's pretty much the only game I've ever seriously played solo. But Airborne in Your Pocket was the real thing that got me excited and the author seemed so genuine (I think he mostly still is). It's such a shame that Kickstarter failed. That game should have been in production before UP FRONT ever was even marketed as a Kickstarter. The fact that it wasn't was the biggest failure. So mad still, years later. I remember watching the bonuses pile up late at night the 48 hours before the campaign closed. .:.sigh.:. There's always a chance... no, I can't do that anymore. It's a lost cause. Stupid Kickstarter. Now I only buy from established and successful sellers.


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