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I thought that I would post this as a list of websites and valuable resources for gaming. If you have some links that should be included, please post in this thread and I will add them.

General Sites About Gaming
The Board Game Geek (The resource for games & gamers)
Great Introduction to Eurogames.
The Gaming Gang
Stack Exchange Q&A Site for Board Games
Rules for Card Games (Standard 52 Card Deck)
The Miniatures Page

Gaming Tools and Utilities
Use your BGG Wish List to check for BGG Auctions!
Dice Rolling Online with lots of customizable options
Select an Appropriate game to play by referencing BGG Accounts & Ratings
Boardgame Pricing Utility

Sites Devoted to a Specific Game
Crokinole Boards & Accessories by Willard
Game Company Site for Caledea
Fan Site for RoboRally
Comprehensive site for RoboRally Game Boards
Fan Site for Settlers of Catan
The IceHouse Wiki
Squad Leader Yahoo Group
Squad Leader Academy
Pimp Out Your Squad Leader

Reviews, Podcasts, & Videos
Go Forth & Game
The Living Dice
Board To Death Video Reviews of Board Games
Purple Pawn
Board Game Podcast Directory

Game Related Blogs
Rob Bartel - Canadian Gamer
Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog
Board Game Night(s) in Saskatoon
Savage Timmy's Playhouse

Play Board Games Online

WWII Resources for Gamers & Modellers
Matakishi's Tea House (Miniatures & Wargaming Resource)

Role Playing Game Sites, Tools, and Play Aids
Great Resource for All Things Pathfinder
GM Article: How to deal with disagreements
Interesting Hex Map Depicting Popularity of RPG Resource Sites

Game Design & DIY Resources
The Game Crafter
Print & Play Productions
Make Your Own Tuck Boxes
Board Game Designer's Forum
Meta List of BGG Geeklists for Game Design Resources 

Gaming Groups & Conventions
Games Club of Maryland
World Boardgaming Championships
Game Convention Calendar on BoardGameGeek

Dapper Devil Laser Cut Game Accessories
Boardgame Awards
Boardgame T-Shirts
Litko Game Accessories
Price Indexer for buying Single Minis for many games


Might I suggest an additional category of Gaming Groups and Conventions?
Two sites that would go under it are for Games Club of Maryland and the other is for the Worrld Boardgaming Championships.

Added. Thank you. Sorry for the delay. (I was traveling).


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