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General / Re: pictures of Carcassonne
« Last post by oldbonz on February 28, 2024, 10:37:58 AM »
Japanese Emperor Naruhito
The Marketplace / Re: For Sale: Carcassonne Star Wars (The Expansion)
« Last post by Maiday on February 28, 2024, 07:24:28 AM »
The Marketplace / Re: For Sale: Carcassonne Star Wars
« Last post by Maiday on February 28, 2024, 07:23:58 AM »
The Marketplace / Re: For Sale: Carcassonne Travel Edition
« Last post by Leven on February 28, 2024, 04:48:09 AM »
Hi Dan,
I'm interested.
My bid is £30 + shipping cost.
The Marketplace / Dan's Carcassonne Sale
« Last post by danisthirty on February 27, 2024, 07:12:08 AM »
Yo dudes! :) :(y)

Since discovering Carcassonne in 2012 I spent over a decade building my collection of Carcassonne expansions, promos and the many special editions and rarities that once filled my boardgame shelves. It certainly wasn't a cheap hobby by any stretch of the imagination, but I loved the buzz I felt every time something new arrived and constantly rearranging my display to make sure everything was presented as perfectly as it possibly could be. I also loved that visitors were always amazed by everything I had, although somewhat surprised that so much of it remained unopened. But my real joy came from simply owning everything I owned (rather than playing it) and that's how it continued for many happy, busy, expensive years...

Fast forward to today and I'm somewhat less in love with Carcassonne than I used to be. Not for any particular reason; I still play the game every now and again, but have distanced myself from much of the competitive international scene that I used to be so closely involved with, and it's been years since my collection brought me the same joy or excitement as it used to. :( I guess it had to run out sooner or later! This aside, I don't have any plans to disappear from here any time soon, and will continue to hold my position and keep paying the bills, even if I'm not exactly one of the regulars anymore. I do however feel that the time is now right for me to part with the majority of what I've collected, so that it can go on to spark others' excitement and bring them closer to that ever-elusive state of "completion".

Unfortunately I can't afford to give anything away as I have done with my giveaways of previous years, but I have tried to price things fairly based on their rarity, condition and what's currently available. Money aside, my main hope is that everything will find a good home to go to and form part of other collections that bring just as much joy to their owners as mine used to bring to me (this is why I'm listing my sales here rather than on eBay on BGG Marketplace).

At present I have eight items to sell (although there will be more to follow). Each item has a post of its own which includes details, starting price and some photos. For convenience I've provided links to each of these eight posts below. If you see anything you're in need of for your own collection then please bid on the specific item/ post and I'll finalise things on Friday the 8th March by arranging payment and postage with the winning/ highest bidders:

Best wishes and good luck finding something you need!
The Marketplace / Re: WTG: About 100 double-sided C1 tiles
« Last post by Ker42 on February 27, 2024, 06:49:11 AM »
I'm interested as well.  Please throw my name into the hat.  Thanks!
The Marketplace / Re: WTG: About 100 double-sided C1 tiles
« Last post by Vital Pluymers on February 27, 2024, 06:06:07 AM »
This sounds really interesting, especially for a C1 fan  >:D
Please count me in!
The Marketplace / Re: WTG: About 100 double-sided C1 tiles
« Last post by The-Edge on February 27, 2024, 05:39:15 AM »
Im interested in these tiles.
That does makes the game more interesting. More possibilities more opportunities.
The Marketplace / WTG: About 100 double-sided C1 tiles
« Last post by kothmann on February 27, 2024, 05:26:05 AM »
About 18 months ago, I made a set of 60 double-sided Carcasssonne tiles.  My original idea was to keep make only a small set, 60 tiles plus a start tile.  But then I got carried away and started adding things and eventually ended up with many more tiles than I need.

I have been yet again reorganizing my collection and now I am ready to give away about 100 of these double-sided tiles.  It includes 12 double-sided River/City tiles, but I'm keeping the double-sided Abbeys.  Otherwise, it is a mix of base game and random selections from many expansions.  You can use some expansion rules (e.g. Inns, Fliers, Hills, Ferries, Belagerer all work fine, regardless of how many tile are in play).  For others (e.g. a handful of tower tiles) you can just ignore the expansion rules.  We usually ignore everything except the Inns.  The variety of edge combinations makes the tile draw seem very random and unpredictable, but the balance of tile types makes for a good game (e.g. not too many cities or roads).

The feel of the tiles really is great and the game is quite fun with experienced players; I might avoid this with newbies because of the extra decision making.

I'm happy to ship them (just tiles) anywhere for free.  I really just want someone to get some use out of them.

Please reply here if you are interested.  If we have more than one interested person, we'll have a lottery.

The Marketplace / For Sale: Spielbox Issue #6 - 2010 inc. The Plague
« Last post by danisthirty on February 27, 2024, 04:50:35 AM »
Spielbox Issue #6 - 2010 inc. Carcassonne: The Plague
Language: English
Condition: Magazine in excellent condition; Plague expansion still in shrink-wrap
Note: Plague expansion is still in place within the magazine, magazine has been kept inside dust jacket/ cover permanently although it is no longer sealed
Starting Price: £60 (please bid below) - add £5 for postage but I'll refund the difference if actual postage cost is less

(please see parent post for context)
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