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Official Rules / A lot of Heretics
« on: April 04, 2015, 09:33:09 AM »
Hello !

This is more like a Big Carcassone question, I have like many the official expansion number 6 with 5 tiles for Shrine and Heretics.

I saw that this expansion came in 3 forms: the one official from this expansion with 5 tiles, another 5 tiles (the same) from the spielbox almanach and 6 tiles (one more exclusive) from cult siege and creativity (coming also with 4 other tiles for Siege)

My question would be: can we play a total of 16 Shrines tiles or just 6 ? (which would made a bit mandatory the acquisition of this expansion cult siege and creativity.

In relation to that, can we also play with the 6 + 4 tiles for besiegers ? (I think yes since they are all different)

Thanks in advance :)

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