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Thanks  :)
And congratulation Snearone, very good points for those last questions !

Thanks, but as you can now see, it was a temporary boost before coming to an almost complete stop.

Note that vineyards are not considered for scorings after the game.

Oh no, this one I didn't even checked on WICA as I always played like that. I wonder how many more I was "sure" like that...

Question #4: Can you tell Danisthity how many points does each player score after this tile is placed?

Answer #4: The tile placed completes a road with 10 tiles which features a bridge, two tunnels connected by the yellow and black tunnel tokens and an Ukranian traditional house acting as an inn by the lake. There is a regular inn in the scenario but it is not connected to the completed road network. Note that tiles are counted only once, even if some of them contribute more than once to the road network considering tunnel entrances and bridges too.

Since Red has two meeples on the road whereas   Blue has only one, Red will the player scoring for the road. The player will receive 20 points for it (10 tiles x (1 point per tile + 1 point for the inn) = 10 x 2 points)

Note that the crop circle featured on the Ukranian Promo tile does not play any part in this scenario. 

- Blue scores 0 points
- Red scores 20 points for the road

Ok, I will wait till very end to debate this one >:D

General / Re: Digital point board
« on: January 01, 2023, 11:55:08 AM »
If someone has nice png of meeples for all colors, please let me know to update my ugly paintbrush versions

I can help with that, with robbers and markers for king and robber as well :D And maybe also with 100 score board for bigger devices ::)
It's nice that it is easly configurable by url, but I would suggest is to create setup page with checkmarks of what to be included, options to change size of the meeples and design of the scoreboard to include plenty of variants :)

Thank you everyone! Hope you enjoyed these crazy past weeks as much as I did. ;)

Thank You!
Yes, it was very much enjoyed  :(y) ;D
We will soon see how many questions were answered incorrectly ::)

Official Rules / Re: What is "unfair play" in Carcassonne?
« on: December 20, 2022, 10:45:33 AM »

  • make a player "waste" his last precious meeple by forcing him to play it (e.g. by using a corn circle tile)
  • and so on...

There is no need to "waste" your last meeple, you may add it, you don't need to.

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There is no way he will not read this ;D
I'm in.

I don't understand. Why don't the two castles overlap? Aren't the tiles marked in yellow shared between the red and blue castles on the right?

The areas do overlap, but in this case the red castle could get points from a blue castle, but not the other way arround.

For blue castle, to get points from that city, and not directly, but throught that red castle it would need to be placed like that:

Small curiosity, on the side of the box that we see on the image, it is specified that it contains the mini-extensions "L'Abbé" and "La Rivière".
It will have refreshed tiles, few gardens visible, this time more alive and on more than just a river tile like last time.

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Official Rules / Re: Moving the fairy (castles and wagons)
« on: December 06, 2022, 02:10:19 PM »
Not a clarification yet for this case on any of the sources I checked back in the day. My current understanding is that the fairy should move to the castle along with the meeple. Rmoving the fairy seems too drastci and leaving it behind on the tile sounds very odd.

Same case here. My understanding is that the fairy should stay on the tile after scoring as if the wagon was returned to its owner, but instead if moves to a new location. Moving the fairy along with the wagon would grant additional points at the beginning of the player's turn and when the new feature is completed. The latter would mean granting the same bonus more than once to the same meeple, what sounds odd... We reached a similar conclusion for the ghosts, if you remember (after scoring the ghosts are left behind).

I think there is no other way to look at that than this. JCloisterZone handles those two cases just like that already  :)
And for the dragon, fairy protects only the tile it was on in the first place, so let's say that "half" of the castle that had meeple before converting it to it.

General / Re: How do you shuffle your tiles?
« on: December 06, 2022, 06:23:01 AM »
@Decar, @Willem are you sure you wan't your tiles to be slowly minced?  I'm not sure how many cycles cardboard tiles could witstand.
It is indeed modified mahyong table.
This video shows how such tables work:

When I send my answers to Meepledrone, I explain the logic behind them so that he can see how I arrived at my answer.
For questions with the wagon there is disclaimer to state which rules are being used, even though tiles are C2, we still can apply C1 rules.
For the promo it was not specified, and as using a house as an inn is a possibility (not a necessity), so the lack of specifying that special features are used, can cause them to be absent in this scenario.
Or simply this question will have two correct answers, and WICA will gain another clarification of the rules  ^-^

- Meepledrone: (thinking to himself) The inn in the scenario must mean something... ???
It was put there just so Dan could have been used for that question right? :D

Every required rule informations are on WICA  :yellow-meeple:
Which needs to be corrected a little bit, as it contradicts itself.

Looking at the introduction of the quiz, we are informed about the number of expansions to look for:
Each question will be presented by a member of the Meeple Council, who will indicate the number of expansions but will not participate as a meeple in the scenario itself. Check the number of the space each of them occupy on the scoreboard above:
- Gingerbread Man     1 expansion
- Snowman2 expansions
- Santa Claus3 expansions
- Danisthirty4 expansions
- The Grinch5 expansions (or more, of course :o)

From this, I've been looking for the correct number of expansions, and have drawn my conclusions from there :)

So if we consider Ukraine Promo as an expansions, we have it itself, exp1, exp8 and The Tunnels, by this there are indeed four expansions, no room for mini7, but it still it is not clear if that promo tile acts as a normal tile, or as a tile with an inn, it can be both.

Which Crop circle action was choosen by Danisthirty?

This one is also very misleading regarding building by the lake, as on Cundco page it states "You can use it as a normal tile, as an additional tile for the 1st expansion Inns and Cathedrals, where it can be used as an inn, and/or as an additional tile for the mini-expansion The Crop Circles." so it is not like those tiles from exp 8 which actually have inns, and when playing with exp 2 there is no choice, they are inns, in this case you can choose if white house acts like an inn or not, so when playing with exp1+mini7 you can chose to have only crop circle mechanic, the "and/or" is the key in this case. Same statement is on WICA but on the same page in special features section it sound like there is no choice, which is wrong.
So in quiz question it can be used in four ways, two of which will have the same outcome, other two will be different.

General / Re: How do you shuffle your tiles?
« on: December 04, 2022, 01:42:54 AM »
Since I never play exclusively with the base game, my method for shuffling the tiles looks like this: scattering a single or two on top of each other tiles from the base game face down on the table, as many as will be handy, for me it's usually about 20, then placing tiles from expansions on top of them and covering them with the remaining ones from the base game, sometimes alternately forming more layers, the final step is to gather the tiny stacks into larger ones, sometimes cutting them in the middle.
The tiles land in a tower, or form the usual four free-standing stacks from which they are drawn.

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