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General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: January 25, 2024, 07:50:10 AM »
Congratulations to this lovely acquisition! This is one of my favourite game versions, partly because tit was one of few C1 items apart from the regular boxed expansions that was published in a local version here in the Czech Republic. I am very happy to have it and treat it cautiously, as the shape of the box makes it destined for a damage even when not shipped.

Your post brought back to me again the sheer disapointment that, when coverting The Festival to C3 art, HiG for a reason that I still cannot comprehend and feel as a chance badly missed did not use the occassion to make C3 version of The Festival updated to actual 20 years. Sigh...

General / Re: Burn the flag!
« on: December 11, 2023, 11:52:11 PM »
When it comes to the color: I remember that there is a sticker which you have to remove. The sticker might not be easy to detect. Only after that the real color appears

This sticker cover was so totally unexpected for me that when receiving my first flags from Cundco, I wrote them, complaining that the color of the flags is not the one I had ordered...  ::) Then I was kindly advised to peel the sticker off.

In the end we ordered the three most played colors and for our guest players a set of scoring flags by The Game Crafter. The issue with the smoke smell was not too bad in either of these flags (the Game Crafter even packed in a neat notice, warning of "a camp fire-like smell for about a week"...). When we play with guests, these Game Crafter scoring flags are actually a matter of envy as they seem a bit fancier to my sons. I like them, too.

General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: November 30, 2023, 02:36:45 AM »
I was not happy when my copy of The Bets came with no foil. The same happens for The Drawbridges?

Yes, The Drawbridges were in no foil, just with a supporting cardboard, yet they arrived intact and well. What puzzles (annoys) me is that the rules are not included. There is a neat piece of paper which only bears a QR beside some illustrative words and pictures. I assume it is result of the rush with the publishing and at the same time fine tuning the rules because The Bets, a previous miniexpansion that I bought, came with a rule sheet.

General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: November 29, 2023, 01:17:15 PM »
I guess many of us receive a same or similar package these days... :-D

News and Events / Re: The Drawbridges - New mini coming soon
« on: November 21, 2023, 06:50:31 AM »
Very clumsy shopping. I was on alert the whole day. I was aware of the need to put in the "voucher" in order to get the Spiel23 tile ... and I did ... and after successfull payment,  in the order information there was no mention of it. When I repeated the same order with a very same content and put the voucher code in again, the new order has it as "SPIEL23 1 0 EUR 0 EUR
Voucher". Now I must cancel the Spiel tile-less order... What a mess  >:(

EDIT: After a fast email conversation, my order that did not by mistake include the Spiel tile was swiftly canceled and the money returned. Well done!

News and Events / Vertical Carcassonne
« on: February 26, 2023, 08:39:07 AM »
Just few minutes back, HiG released following status on their Facebook:

"Hoppla, was hat sich denn hier aus unserer Ideenschmiede geschmuggelt? Ihr erhaltet heute einen ersten Eindruck von unserem Prototyp der vertikalen Version von Carcassonne."

Plus a remark that they cannot tell approximate date when this new idea will be developed.

General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: February 08, 2023, 09:01:51 AM »
I am sure that the novel had been already discussed back in the days when it was published, but just a brief question: is it a good one? I got it with my luckily acquired copy of WoF and as my highschool German is quite rudimentary, I wonder if it is worth trying.

General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: December 22, 2022, 11:22:38 AM »
I suspect that many will find this lovely and trully personalized treat in their mailboxes these days. It really made my day! Many thanks to Linksux. I feel the Christmas coming  :(y)

General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: December 09, 2022, 05:18:10 AM »
Nice additions. Still, every time I see the C3.0 Fest, I cannot stop thinking that if the HiG replaced the outdated number 15 with a more appropriate one for this edition, it would be much better.

General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: November 28, 2022, 05:59:03 AM »
A rather usual assortment these days but it really made my day. Glad to hold the Spiel tiles series complete since 2017. The Bets actually are quite a big plate. Looking forward to a game!

News and Events / Re: Spiel ‘22 tile at Cundco this Friday (the 18th)?
« on: November 21, 2022, 07:31:45 AM »
It is really quite astonishing how long the Spiel '22 tile lasts on the Advent offer. Few weeks back, i was biting my nails, asking myslef if the Ukraine Promo tile would last until the Advent sale. In the end, to stay on the safe side and avoid potentially seeking it on the second-hand market, I ordered three pieces right on ... only to see that it remained on sale until today with no shortage. Which is actually good news as it is a release that has a respectable purpose.

Then, I was quite sure that the Spiel '22 tile will be harvested within hours as it happened last year, especially since another give-away in Munich took place beside the usual Essen occassion. When the date and time leaked, I prepared and then spent extra hour at work on Friday afternoon, waiting anxiously (and gaining undeserved credit from my boss who noticed me staying in the office for that long...). When the sale started, I even made a mistake at first ordering as I wrongly included the postage into the 20-Euro limit, panicking for a while and then re-ordering with one item more in a cold sweat, finally taking a deep relieved breath when my updated order was confirmed and the previous, insuffcient one swiftly cancelled with immediate money return - great job this time, Cundo customer service! ... And now, Monday afternoon, 3 days later, the tile is still on sale :-) Again, it is actually a good thing. I am probably just one of many who feel that the Spiel tiles frenzy got a bit too far last years with scalpers and profiteers offering these items for ridiculously high prices that turned into a collectors´ headache something that was originally meant to be a treat to the Carcassonne community. So I applaud to HiG if they decided to get things back to the ground and released apparently sufficient number of copies.

But if I had to wake up especially for the order as Whaleyland, I may not be that reconciled after all :-)))

General / Re: Beseigers in C2.0 - zero chance?
« on: September 14, 2022, 11:12:29 PM »
I remember that before the content of Anniversary Edition was revealed and free speculations about it flourished, for a certain period, a notion that a mini building up on the theme of Besiegers would be a part of it, was quite popular. That never materialized and possibly it was never an option for HiG but a mere wish of us fans. Now I do not expect anymore this type of a mini to appear. Which opens space for pleasant surprises ...  8)

General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: September 14, 2022, 05:15:01 AM »
This is the configuration of River I, but a few details are different (sheep, vines, watermark). It therefore seems logical to me to differentiate them.

+1 to this. There's more to a tile/ expansion than simply the tile configurations, especially when some of those tiles include elements that are unique to that version of that expansion, such as River 3 vs. River 1.

Indeed. The sheep and the wineyard have an effect on the game, albeit a rather small one. I know this is a recurrent debate and people have various thoughts but for me, this is River III. And we actually like it most of the C1 rivers for that sheep seems so cute, if not a bit dumb (as most sheep seem, anyway...)

General / Re: Sorting through the rivers
« on: September 05, 2022, 02:40:47 PM »
Wow, what a perfect visual comparison of most of river elements in the game! Of the items not on display, if I see it correctly, there are only 2 pieces featuring a river in GQ11 within C1 and 3 pieces in Cutcassonne within C2 if these really count... And this may not change soon as there is presumably no river in the Mists over Carcassonne as far as the so far released pics and videos show. Or ... ? :-)

WoF became very popular for our family games after I finally got my hands on one after many years (a long and dull story short: I held a box of fresh new WoF game at a stall of Czech Carcassonne publisher in Prague "For Games" fair back in 2010 but as I was told that a Czech edition would be due, I did not buy it. The Czech edition never materialized.)
I noticed that most of family players largely refuse to deploy a meeple on the wheel unless we play Phantom. One extra phantom meeple makes them use it frequently.

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