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I have my WOF watermarked tiles separated from the base tiles in the BB5 set and although it is true that there is a 'starting tile' type CRFR tile in amongst the WOF 12, there are still 73 non-watermarked tiles in the base set instead of the usual 72.

There is only one true starting tile with the inverse design back, so isn't it more correct to say that there is an additional regular CRFR tile that should be regarded as a spare and not used in the game, whether playing with or without WOF? I'm presuming it was an error when they did the combined layout sheets for BB5 and overlooked the fact they'd put four CRFR tiles in amongst the base set, all with the regular design back, and then included the starting tile elsewhere on the sheets. I don't have the punched out surrounds any more so I can't check how it occurred, but that's my theory.

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