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The Marketplace / WTB: Cutcassonne box
« on: December 12, 2023, 03:26:45 PM »
Hello fellow forum friends, I would like to buy the Cutcassonne Advent box only, no contents, with the tiles on the flaps intact. The Cutcassonne tiles are the only things I do not have in my collection (pending receiving my recent cundco order), shipping the advent package to the United States is prohibitively expensive, and I do not wish to print the tiles myself, for I am a sucker for authenticity. I'm happy to negotiate with anyone who has a spare box and is willing to mail it to the US.

Today, my partner and I played a couple games using every expansion I have that does not add any landscape tiles! Well, the first game we both completely forgot about the Gifts until halfway through, so we decided that they just didn't exist for that game. The full list of expansions we used:
  • The Abbot
  • The Phantom
  • The Messengers
  • The Land Surveyors
  • The Gifts

Our first game was also our first experience with the land surveyors. We quickly figured out how to complete each others' features while a negative scoring tile was active. In general our first game was most impacted by the land surveyors - we never made it through the full stack of messages. I wonder if part of this was the fact that most of our energy was spent on learning the impact of the scoring tiles and how to manipulate them.

The second game was much more dynamic. Sabotaging each others' features using the scoring tiles was great already, but now that we actually remembered the gifts, it was an extra treat to force a completed city under the effect of the poverty tile, and then also draw a gift for our troubles. Messages were much more impactful now that we were more careful about the Land Surveyors scoring tiles. It's hard for me to estimate the impact of the abbot and the phantom, seeing as we include these figures in just about every game we play.

Overall, I really liked this combination, as it adds a lot of mechanical complexity (which I like) without really adding too much to the game time - each game took less than an hour, compared to 1.5+ hours with a handful of expansions that add more tiles. We had a lot of fun!

General / I made a spreadsheet for Carcassonne Maps
« on: October 19, 2022, 09:27:55 PM »
I made a Google Spreadsheet. It allows you to select expansions and then will tell you if you have enough tiles for a Carcassonne Map. Feel free to download a copy of it and try it yourself! As a side note, making this spreadsheet has taught me a few interesting tidbits:
  • As of the release of Ghosty Spook Night, there are enough tiles among unique C3 releases that one could play the combined USA maps using only C3 tiles and just one copy of the base game. In fact, using the house rule suggested by @corinthiens13 , one would have to remove only a single expansion (consisting of 8 tiles or more) to do so!
  • The entirety of BB6/7 plus an additional base game is enough tiles to play the combined USA maps
Some technical notes:
  • This assumes that, when playing with the Wheel of Fortune; the Count of Carcassonne; or Ghosts, Manors, and Cemeteries; the oversized starting tile(s) are set off to the side (or unused entirely), and the normal starting tile is used instead. Honestly, I'd be impressed if you somehow managed to make those fit in the map itself.
  • Also, The Markets of Leipzig is not included.
  • This spreadsheet also assumes that rivers are not included.
  • Any expansions that do not include landscape tiles are omitted, for hopefully obvious reasons.
  • Additionally, any tiles in a player's supply (Abbeys, German Castles, Halflings) are omitted.
  • As I don't own any C1 things, everything in that column is based solely on my reading of Wikicarpedia.
  • My ego is not so large that I cannot take constructive criticism. I'm open to suggestions on layout/aesthetics, and corrections in case I missed something or have the wrong tile count for something.

General / Least fun Carcassonne game you've played?
« on: August 16, 2022, 12:18:40 PM »
What is the subjectively worst game of Carcassonne you've ever played? What made it so bad? Was it too long, or the combination of expansions unfun, or just plain bad luck, or something else entirely?

Mine was the other week playing a game with my girlfriend using the full BB6. The robbers were more of a pain than anything, being basically invalidated by the messengers. The mage and the witch were hurt by the large number of tiles as well, as they didn't come up often enough to move around at all or be actually interesting. To cap it off, the number of tiles combined with the extra time to track additional components like ferries, gold bars, etc. as well as resolving a ridiculous number of messages had the game last far too long - easily the longest game we've played - with all these other issues bugging us the whole time.

I presume nothing is stopping an Abbott (figure) placed as an Abbott (role) on a special monastery from being returned and scored as normal. The Abbott (figure) scores "exactly like how monasteries are scored during final scoring." So would I get the points for the alternate scoring of the special monastery if it is placed as an Abbott (role) or does it only score the normal incomplete monastery points?

Has anyone here who has the Maps played them with expansions using their actual rules, rather than just for the tiles as recommended? With or without Map Chips? How did those games go? Were there any interesting rule considerations that came up as a result?

Follow-up question: Have you used special meeples from expansions when playing with Maps? If so, did you use them in place of the recommended two additional normal meeples or in addition to them?

Disclaimer: I don't have and have never played with the maps (well, not yet anyway >:D), I'm just nosy and spend too much time thinking about hypotheticals.

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