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Other Games / I need your support!
« on: September 09, 2015, 01:21:50 PM »
Hi all,

I need your help! I have created two card games and submitted them for a contest at The theme of the contest was to develop games with a "take that!" mechanic, and I have (not very subtly) titled my games "Screw Yew!" and "Strew Ewes" (if you're not sure about that second one, yell it out loud at your boss, but not if you want to keep your job).

The problem is that there are 90 entries for the contest, and voting will determine the 20 semifinalists that will go in front of the judges. If you have a minute, I would greatly appreciate you going to the following website and voting for one or both of my games:

Voting ends at 6:00 AM Central (US) time on September 15. I believe you have to create an account with the website to vote, so I understand if you don't want to do this. However, registration is free, and there are certainly a number of interesting games for sale to check out there.

Thanks in advance for your votes!

Reviews & Session Reports / What goes around...
« on: May 26, 2015, 09:33:40 AM »
Monday was a holiday here in the states, so I got to play two games of Carcassonne with various expansions against the same opponent. Game 1 was a fairly close and steady battle until about the mid-way point, when one of the cities started getting big (and ended up with a cathedral). Then the fight was on! Mayors were placed, a wagon moved in, glomming attempts were blocked, fortunes changed turn-by-turn ... and finally I won the city 6-5 in meeple votes. Total tally: 63 points, so not too shabby. Over the rest of the game, my opponent caught up some with cities, but I did a little better with farms. At the final accounting, I ended up winning by exactly those 63 points.

Later that day was Game 2. This one started similarly, but my opponent turned cutthroat when it came to farming. I had a decent farm of my own, but she controlled a bigger farm 2-0. With a couple of fancy moves I got 2 farmers onto her big farm near the end of the game to share control. Of course, it wasn't near enough to the end of the game. Over the course of 4 turns, she added another farmer to that farm AND sneaked her big meeple onto my best farm, ultimately winning both. I was definitely outplayed and outmaneuvered. Final score: I lost by exactly the same 63 points that I had won by in Game 1. The cosmic accountants got the ledgers to come out perfectly.

Until the next game...

Official Rules / NEW Complete Annotated Rules
« on: May 22, 2015, 11:09:54 AM »
It's that time again! Brand new CARs! What can you find in the new Standard CAR?

New expansions? Check! Both the Castles in Germany and the Russian Promo tiles.

The most recent clarifications? Of course!

Better organization? You bet! I've put the mini-expansions in alphabetical order, and I've also consolidated expansions with different names but the same rules (Crop Circles I and II, Siege things, Heretics).

The Winter CAR now has a section for the digital winter version (removed from the standard CAR), and I also made an addition to the Order of Play.

I honestly don't know why you're still reading this. You do this every time. Go get them!

Standard CAR v7.4:;sa=view;down=292
Winter CAR v1.3:;sa=view;down=293

Official Rules / Dragon and German Castle questions
« on: April 13, 2015, 12:06:20 PM »
Okay, here are a few clarifications that I think we need based on the newest expansion and the recent Dragon FAQ:

Since the Dragon can eat the teacher, does the teacher count as being on both tiles when he/she is in the school? (Similarly voiced by JT Atomico on another thread.)

Do the German castles protect followers from the Dragon the same way that other castles do?

When the Dragon lands on a German castle tile (the double tile), does this whole tile count as a single tile for the purposes of movement?

Official Rules / Abbot / Mayor / Wagon and Tower
« on: March 17, 2015, 06:18:06 AM »
As I commented on in a different thread, I am confused by the ruling that an abbot (the New Carcassonne version) can be placed on a tower. This contradicts the rules of New Carcassonne that the abbot can only be placed on a cloister or a garden. If I understand kettlefish’s explanation (and correct me if I’m wrong), the abbot can be placed on a tower because it is a follower. But the rules for The Tower don’t state that “any follower” or “all followers” can be placed on a tower piece. They only state that “a follower” can be placed there, and they explain what happens if a follower is placed on a tower.

An analogous situation: Somebody asks me who can play in the National Hockey League, and I respond “People can play in the NHL.” This means that wombats and blue whales need not apply, because they are not people. However, it does not mean that all people can play in the NHL. I’m not a very good skater, and my puck-handling skills are terrible (I’m not originally from Minnesota), so I could not play in the NHL, even though I am a person (as far as I know).

What’s my point? Abbots (and mayors, and wagons) shouldn’t go on the tower. Their inherent limitations for placement should be the most important consideration as to where they can or cannot go. The Tower rules explain what happens if a follower is on a tower, but these rules should not supersede the rules of those followers, especially as there is no comment that “all followers” can go on the tower.

If abbots are going to be allowed on towers, we have to accept that the limitation about cloisters and gardens only is a meaningless limitation. Right now, the following features all state that a follower can be placed there (ignoring the magic portal and flier, as followers really only use those features to end up somewhere else):

Field / farm
Cloister / monastery / abbey / shrine
City of Carcassonne
Wheel of Fortune
Garden (abbot only … maybe)

If we are going to ignore the abbot’s limitations on the tower, then do we ignore those limitations for the Wheel of Fortune, too? And if those are legal, why not a city or road? Those features use the exact same language as the tower in stating that “a follower” can be placed there.

Finally, if we are going to re-configure the rules for the abbot, we’ll have to reconsider the mayor and wagon, too. Essentially we would need a big grid to tell us which feature type each follower (Standard / big / phantom, mayor, wagon, abbot) can go on.

Or we can just follow the rules as they are written. The abbot can only go on a cloister or a garden. The mayor can only go in a city. Period. End of story.

General / Hidden meeple
« on: February 11, 2015, 06:20:46 AM »
The other day I was reading a CT scan of a dog, and as I was looking at the spine a hidden meeple leaped out at me! The problem is, I can't identify the meeple. He has a pointy head/hat like the mage and witch, but he also has 2 legs like a normal follower. Additionally, his arms are raised up. To me, that makes him look like a zombie meeple giving chase. What are your thoughts about this new species of meeple?



Official Rules / New Complete Annotated Rules
« on: December 18, 2014, 01:12:57 PM »
Santa does exist! And he came a few days early!

Yes, you read the heading correctly. It's been more than half a year, but here it is: the new CAR! Lots of clarifications, a revised Turn Order, the Halflings, the Promos, and even a bit of New Carcassonne. But wait, there's more! If you order now, you'll get this limited edition* Winter CAR containing new clarifications and Turn Order at no extra charge.

Standard CAR:;sa=view;down=275

Winter CAR:;sa=view;down=276

*Edition not actually limited.

Official Rules / Wheel of Fortune Famine
« on: December 18, 2014, 09:21:12 AM »
With the Big Box 5 rules, there has actually been a change to the rule for the Famine sector. This space used to give points to farmers "in the same way as farms are scored during final scoring" (i.e. requiring a majority, per clarifications). Now the points go to all farmers, regardless of majority status, which is more in line with the rules for Tax/Taxes and Inquisition. I for one like this change, as I thought the old rule was cumbersome and didn't fit with the rest of the Wheel.

Official Rules / More Scans Needed for CAR
« on: November 10, 2014, 11:52:29 AM »
Okay, I'm obviously a needy person. Well, really the CAR is a very hungry beast. Now the CAR needs a scan of the new River tiles from Big Box 5 as well as a scan of the new Wheel of Fortune starting tile (the one with just symbols rather than words). If anyone with Big Box 5 could scan the tiles, let me know in this thread, PM me, or send me an email. Thanks!

Official Rules / Dutch/Belgian Monasteries Scan Needed
« on: November 07, 2014, 12:51:47 PM »
The title pretty much says it all. I need a scan of the Dutch and Belgian monastery tiles for addition to the next CAR. There are a couple of photos on boardgamegeek that aren't ideal because the tiles are angled. If anyone with this expansion could scan the tiles, let me know in this thread, PM me, or send me an email. Thanks!

Official Rules / Complete Annotated Rules v. 7.0, 2nd printing
« on: May 29, 2014, 08:06:01 AM »
Based on feedback from the v. 7.0 thread, I have made a few minimal changes to the CAR. There have been no content changes, so I kept the version number the same. (Okay, I call it 7.0.1 myself, but you won't see that anywhere in the document itself.) Thus, don't feel obligated to download this one if you already have the original v. 7.0. (But I know you will anyway.)

Changes are:
Added version number and date to title page
Corrected image errors in the Glossary
Corrected a few duplicate word typos

You can get it here:;sa=view;down=251

Official Rules / Complete Annotated Rules v. 7.0
« on: May 26, 2014, 07:30:29 PM »
Yes, you read that correctly. An entirely new version number in honor of an entirely new large expansion (Hills & Sheep)! And there are German Monasteries, better images of figures, a metric ton of clarifications, and more! Most importantly, though, it's available right now:;sa=view;down=250

What are you waiting for? Go get it!

Official Rules / German Monasteries interactions
« on: May 15, 2014, 01:18:28 PM »
Here are a couple of questions regarding the German Monasteries. I have my suspicions as to the answers, but it would be good for HiG to weigh in. (Hint, hint, kettlefish...   :) )

1) When playing with German Monasteries and Castles, if an Abbot is placed on a German Monastery in the region of a Castle, when is the monastery considered completed for the purposes of the Castle? Is it treated as a normal cloister, so the 9 tile zone is considered the completion? Based on the rules for the Castle, this would be my interpretation.

2) When playing with German Monasteries and Cults/Shrines, if an Abbot is placed on a German Monastery next to a Cult Place/Shrine with a follower (heretic), is the Abbot involved in a challenge? My thought is that there is no challenge, since the rules for the Cult Place/Shrine specifically mention that the challenge is laid down to the monk (not the abbot).

Official Rules / Hills & Sheep tiles
« on: May 12, 2014, 12:26:13 PM »
Hi all,

Can anyone provide me with scans of the tiles from the Hills & Sheep expansion for use in the upcoming version of the CAR? I don't really want to wait to update the CAR until the English version is released, since that's when I'll be making my own purchase. Naturally, I will give credit to whomever provides the scan.

You can either put the images in a post on this thread, or you can email me:
obervet03 -at- yahoo -dot- com


Official Rules / New Complete Annotated Rules v. 6.4
« on: December 11, 2013, 05:33:34 PM »
It's here! It's in the downloads section! Go get it!;sa=view;down=238

In case you still have to decide if you want it, there are tons of new clarifications and the Besiegers are there. Plus, your satisfaction is guaranteed or I will fully refund the purchase price.


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