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I think Chmura is right.  Here is an image posted by Maksym Tkachenko  around one year ago. However,  I don't  know if Maksym is member of the Czech forum, maybe.

Hi! Believe me or not, I got here accidentally. It's me you were talking about. I'm Maksym and I am the author of those fan map.
And I am not a member of CZ forum (I actually did not know about it until today).
I can even tell a little story about it, if you want.
Those old map was done completely by me and I did not puiblish it being afraid of some legal stuff. So it exists in only one copy now :D.
And later ruzzia invaded us and HiG decided to do their own Ukraine map. They were consulting with our Ukrainian publisher Feelindigo about it and so it happened that I knew him very well. And he knew about my map and asked me about my thougths about HiG's map prototype. And it was not good XD. Some parts of Ukraine were even just... not there. As far as I understand either after my feedback or after some internal decisions (I really don't know about it but of course hope it was me who influenced those decisions) map changed A LOT and it does look very similiar to mine now. Then there were another ukrainian Carcassonne fan with nickname T1 who suggested to add thematic mechanics to the map and here they are.
HiG was very kind to send me a copy of the map but I was not yet able to play it because I am in Poland as a refugee for (oh my god) almost 10 months now.
Today I knew that HiG and Feelindigo managed to collect 28000 EUR to Ukrainian charity foundation "Come Back Alive" that really does a lot to help us hold our ground. It's not that much but every penny matters!
Thank you all who took their part in this. You can do more, just ask internet about it ;)
I hope you are all enjoying the map and have a great holidays!

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