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Mage & Witch are not visible. Compare the "clipboard" picture, which I took with standard screen capturing and where the mage is on my long unfinished inn road, while the witch in a bigger unoccupied city, and the other picture, which I took with the JCZ feature, and where both figures are invisible.

By no means a big deal, but I considered it notable.

thodekey vs. Hounk

Very tight game, which turned out to be a close win of my German Monasteries against thodekey's big farm. Of course I was, like most times first on the big farm, and also another one, which turned out to be unoccupied in the end, though 21 points in theory. Things like that can happen with Towers.

There had been several really tough choices with what to do with the tiles. On one occasion, I used a tower tile to finish a 30 point worth city occupied by a regular meeple of mine and the big one of thodekey, of course removing the big guy. But it would have been nice to place on two other spots, too for removing farmers. Another time, I would have been able to finish my long road with inn and improve my centre monastery by 3 points for a total of 23 points (+ potentially 7 points, if the mage would have been removed again till the end). But I did not want to connect additional oponent's farmers to the big farm. Turned out to be the wrong decision, as I lost the farm anyway. This game had some ridiculously big scoring features, and was yet decided by just 3 points. So very lucky me indeed.

OK. Password is AltWC

Great. Online server or can you host?

Hi Halfling, Thodekey, Sinscerly. Anybody willing to proceed with our tournament game? I'll be in chat!

World Cup of Carcassonne Central / Re: Follow-up World Cup 2017
« on: February 10, 2018, 03:52:14 PM »
Still from Europe, but I'm in, too.

General / Re: Dark colours of the 6th expansion
« on: January 23, 2018, 01:41:45 AM »
Yes, I did. (And it was really a typo, not mixing things up.)

I bought my C,K&R about end of year 2014/15 or 2015/16, but I think the purpose, why it seems so light is, that BB4 is really dark. (Also the tiles are not as thick, sadly, because otherwise it was a great "starter pack".)

General / Re: Dark colours of the 6th expansion
« on: January 22, 2018, 02:31:39 PM »
"Count, King & Robber" was the very first expansion I separately bought, and I was a bit surprised, and not very pleased, at first glance, that the tiles were much lighter then the ones, I owned before. But that's because I started my Carcassonne with Big Box 5, which has a tone more suitable to the Plaque tiles (and probably depicted German Cathedrals?) then anything else. So I did not noticed CK&R to be significant darker then other expansion, but this might be also, because the Base Game (and I&C, T&B, Minis) will always stand out.

Other Games / Re: Do you dream of boardgames?
« on: January 06, 2018, 11:09:08 AM »
I guess, it's likely I'm dreaming about board games, as it's gotten a prominent hobby of me in recent years and it would be odd, if I wouldn't, given the time I spent on them. However, I always instantly forget my dreams. I only know, when I did dream the moment I wake up, but never, what I dreamed.

Other Games / Re: What do you look for in a game?
« on: December 31, 2017, 06:05:19 AM »
Difficult question. I definitely like relaxing, brain burning or speed/reaction-pressure games alike. I like particularly elegant design in games with a focused goal, but there are still some true "point salad" games with abstract resource to VP conversions (which I would not call "elegant"), like in "Castles of Burgundy" or "Great western Trail", which I still enjoy very much.

I also don't mind game length, as long as I feel the time frame is appropriate filled with true choices. "Ticket to Ride" or "Betrayal at the House on Hill" are by no mean very long games, but I'm not too fancied to play them. The first one can get really frustrating in times, when you have several rounds in a row have no other vial choice then taking two cards from top of the deck, yet always only get cards in the wrong colours. The second can some times turn out a great experience, but the first part of the game is not really a game. Feels more like setup, because the game really plays itself with no real choices for the player. And potentially this phase can take 45 minutes or more, and one or two rounds after the haunt is triggered, the game already ends. That can lead to a very miserable experience. So I think, most important for me is, that the game immerses me with choices, what to do.

Other Games / Re: Are you an opener?
« on: December 30, 2017, 04:01:19 AM »
Took option 2, although 3 could have been arguebly right as well for me. The thing is, I do not sleeve all games with cards, just the once, I think are prone to early wear. I also don't sleeve inexpensive games, which are just or mainly a deck of cards, like Port Royal, because I consider it more comfortable and cheaper to just replace such a game once played to death.

I also like to open games soon to learn rules in advance. In particular with more complex game, but I think also in general, it is great help to get yourself familiar with all the components rather then just read a pdf. The only type of games, I don't open the shrink wrap in advance are games like the ones in the EXIT series, since there is no need to make yourself aware with the components before playing with this game, and actually a small danger of spoiling something.

I also like Kashgar very much. Have only once played it at the table, but several times on I'd also call it a deck builder, but one which is quite different then any other deck builder, I know. Not only don't you shuffle your deck (there are others, where you don't do that, too. But you build three different open rows of card, and activate always the card on top and put it to the back. This makes for a great puzzle, how to develop your deck(s).

Other Games / Re: What do you think of Miniature Games?
« on: December 29, 2017, 03:28:18 PM »
Snakes and Ladders [...] with a selection of miniatures?
Prime example for this would be Monopoly Gamer. It was in the "hotness" for weeks at BGG, and is at 6.6 imho still quite overrated for what a piece of crap it actually is. It seems there are mainly two reasons, why people rate it so high. First, because it (normally) plays quicker then regular Monopoly, and second because the "cool prepainted minis". I agree, they look very nice, but based on one abandoned game I had, it was really boring, and potentially can drag for ever. And the minis did nothing for me to make it more fun. If you can normally play it in 45 minutes, the game will still suck in my opinion. So why playing it in the first? This is no redeeming factor in my opinion, to play a bad game, just because it is short(er) and has some miniatures.

I don't mind miniatures in general, though I agree, that detailed standies might look better then gray minis. And I would never paint them. Not quite true, I did paint them in case of War of the Ring, but just monochrome in the colours of the different people, which was still a hell of a work for me, but necessarily, because otherwise the game would have been simply unplayable. It is still very fiddly, and one of the main reasons is, that there are to many minis and to small spaces on the board for them. Game would be much easier to play with less figurines, and some stackable discs. But even though they went the extra mile and made figurines for all army pieces, it is totally beyond my reasoning, why they didn't make them in the appropriate colours out of the box.

I'm also more or less A. However, while I own most of old artwork, my collection is not complete, and I won't "hunt down" the rest. Most of the missing stuff, I don't care for: Darmstadt and Windroses and the like. Since I own Besiegers and Crop Circles II, I don't really need Katharer and Crop Circles I. Only Tunnels and Little Buildings might be nice, but not so important, that I hunt them down.

On the other side, if in the future an expansion arises, which intrigues me mechanically and thematically (neither was the case with "Big Top"), I might consider buying it. But it would have to be a really good one to see over the break in artwork, because the expansions I have offer so many permutation of play, that I doubt, I really ever will "need" another one.

World Cup of Carcassonne Central / Re: 2017 World Cup - Group D
« on: December 26, 2017, 02:28:56 PM »
Piet_Agoras vs. Hounk 166:205

The game did not started well for me, with Piet finishing the first cathedral city while devaluing the city, I took over with big meeple with a besieged tile. Soon afterwards he trapped a 7 point thief and an 8 point monk of me in a CRFF hole, stole and finished a 22 point city and attempted to take over my farm with Mr. Big. But I was able to block with the CFRF Festival tile and he had to retreat with another Festival. In the meantime I put a second meeple on the big farm, and when I got my big guy back from a scored city also placed him in a way, where I could easily connect him if needed. However Piet did not attempt to fight after that and rather connected him to the farm with one of his last tiles, to secure, that he won't score 6 points on his own.

I took over a 12 points road, he started with 2 meeples, was tempted to wait for an inn tile to finish it, but rather got back my meeples fast. Bad choice, as the my next tile would have been a fitting inn. I also got lots of cloisters, something I'm not to keen of normally. But most of them came, when I had a meeple to spare and the FFFR cloister I could drop and score for instant 11 points (2 from my Phantomas thief) was particularly nice. Second FFFR I also got, and would have been of particularly use to Piet to get into the second biggest farm. So in the end, I got pretty lucky, and therefore won with quite a bigger gap then anybody would have suspected.

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