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The Marketplace / WTS Martians: A Story of Civilization
« on: July 05, 2017, 07:35:54 AM »
I'm selling my KS copy of Martians: A Story of Civilization.
Never played, but since there was some reports of missing items, I opened it, punched and counted all tokens, all cards.
Everything was there and is now sorted in zip bags.

Price 35EUR + shipping.

Other Games / I Love Portugal
« on: May 19, 2016, 02:27:53 AM »
MesaBoardgames, publishers of Panamax, have a lot of games dedicated to Portuguese regions/locals and Portuguese history.

They are now launching a new game schedule to hit the stores in October dedicated to the whole country:

I Love Portugal is a simple deck-building game in which players take the rôle of tourists and travel along Portugal, visiting unique monuments and breathtaking landscapes. Take the best pictures, share your albums and imagine the perfect selfie. Are you ready for the adventure ? Take your backpack and go discover Portugal.

So if you're not able to pop up here in person to share a firewater with me, there is still no excuse not to learn more about Portugal even if it is on your game sessions.

Reviews & Session Reports / How soon is too soon
« on: February 29, 2016, 02:18:53 AM »
So after an afternoon doing and undoing tuck-boxes as a family activity I did promise my almost 4yr old that I would play "grown-up" Carcassonne with her.
She plays Junior Carcassonne often but since she doesn't pay attention to closing the roads with her color kids I really fought it would be a pain to teach her how to close features.
It was a surprise to see her using tiles like ffcc to close cities and frrr to close three roads without any of those "What about here" hints.
I didn't introduce farm scoring as that is sometime difficult to introduce to adults but in the end I was quite surprised that she manage to play a Base Game plus River II without much fuss or getting fed up before every tile was drawn.

So my review on playing Carcassonne with 4yr old's:
Nice family option and still better than watching Frozen for the 100+ time
Good way to have them counting
Good way to improve their hand dexterity
EXPECT (not really CONS):
Every meeple on the board after 7 tiles played.
Nagging that they don't have meeples anymore which is perfect for the "Now you have to close things" teaching.
Closing your features just because they like you.
Forgetting most of the meeples moved on the first turned and keeping the focus on the most recently played ones.
"When can we play again?" & "When can we play with those (rest of the collection)?" ensues.

Final thoughts:
River is a great way to teach Carcassonne basics to everyone.
It's is perfectly possible to enjoy a Carcassonne game with 4yrs old.

Anything Else / Introduction to Portuguese Firewaters
« on: January 29, 2016, 06:55:58 AM »
Diverting from this thread

If you like the wine wait untill you try the beer, the coffee and the fire waters

What's a fire water? ???
Well Aguardente to which the direct translate would be "burning water" rather than the commonly accepted "firewater" is what Portuguese call to the product obtained by fermentation and later distillation of sugared or sweet musts, vegetable macerations, or mixtures of the two so you can have Aguardente of pretty much everything.
What everyone know as Vodka could be known as Aguardente de Batata (Potato Firewater).

Now Portugal being a wine producing country has access to a premium must which is the Bagaço (bagasse). After smashing the grapes, fermenting them to produce the wine you are left with the sub-product called the Bagaço, this is then distilled in order to produce Aguardente de Bagaço.

Since it is so commonly available here, in any Café or Restaurant if you ask for an Aguardente without mentioning "of what" you'll be presented with and Aguardente de Bagaço.

Usually a spirit of questionable quality - like Bell's whisky :)
Now the quality argument when applied to Portuguese fire water is restrictive since there really, really good Aguardente's made with premium grapes bagasses and so sold at premium prices.

Now what's usually questionable is the origin since being highly alcoholic it is usually more prone to taxes so most of the "good stuff" sold at the local "non-tourist" cafés if sold over the counter but are usual the very best "fire waters" since they are usually made on small familiar farms who don't produce enough grapes to make wine but end up with high quality bagasses.

Other very typical and very good Portuguese firewater is Aguardente de Medronho, the fruit of the Arbutus unedo known as Strawberry Tree.

News and Events / National Carcassonne Championships in 2016
« on: January 23, 2016, 01:55:47 PM »
So this year the Portuguese National Carcassonne Championships 2016 will be played sooner.
It will be played on the February 21st at a Devir, major distributor and publisher, game day at a big shopping mall.

Already ask my sport agent (wife) if I can sign in in order to do better than last year 11th.  :o ;D C:-)

Other Games / KICKSTARTER (watch your purses)
« on: January 20, 2016, 08:20:06 AM »
Last year I discovered Kickstart as way of buying tabletop games and got hooked.
Most of the ("good") projects create a nice community on the comment section and more often than not you're close enough to the creators to suggest this and that.

Until now I've backed and received:
Exploding Kitties - An easy enough "UNO"-like party game with dubious taste humour, that ensue to create a huge record breaking project.
101/101.1 - A small card game for two players based on programming language commands with solo-play rules, which is always nice when you have no one to play with.

And backed waiting to receive:
The 7th Continent - An "“choose-your-own-path” exploration board game" based on the Fighting Fantasy books mechanics. I loved the books when I was growing up so I have to say I completely lost myself on this one.
Kodama: The Tree Spirits - Loved the art work and simplicity of the mechanics so I backed this and will play it with my 4yrs old until she can properly play Carcassonne :D
TAVARUA - A boardgame based on Surf?! Of course I'm backing and I'm not even a surfer.

I also backed the "Wish I Was Here" movie by Zach Braff, so you've a lot of targets to throw your money to.

So not sure if you're already active on Kickstart, be sure to drop your project suggestions if you're, or give it a look although I strongly disapprove you do if you're a impulse buyer. ;D ;D

Hi All,

Mesa Boardgames a Portuguese publisher is launching, October 2015, a new game  based in Estoril, the best place to live in  :)) :)) :)) :P :P :P, and it's role on the WWII spy networks, which really happened.

So if you're in History based games give it a look.
Most of the games by Mesa are based in historical facts so if you are into it just check their online store.

FYI - I'm not in any way affiliated with the publisher, I'm just Portuguese and love to live in Estoril and also believe that games are a friendly way to discover and learn new things about other cultures and why not mine.

Have empty boxes to sell/trade:
Recently purchased from cundco supplied with all original German rules and inlays:
Winter Edition - Without the score track
Bridge, Castles and Bazaars
Hill and Sheep
All the Minis

Recently purchased from Devir supplied with all original Portuguese&Spanish rules and inlays:
The Catapult
Older Boxes, from Portuguese&Spanish editions published by Devir, stored after purchase:
Full game - Used for game storage with Portuguese&Spanish rules but no inlays
Abbey and Mayor - with Portuguese&Spanish rules but no inlays
The Princess and The Dragon -  with Portuguese&Spanish rules but no inlays
Traders and Builders - with Portuguese&Spanish rules and inlays
Inns and Cathedrals - with Portuguese&Spanish rules and inlays
The Tower - with Portuguese&Spanish rules, no inlays but with the Tower tile dispenser.

Older Boxes, from RGG, stored after purchase:
Cult, Siege and Creativity
King and Scout - with the scout tiles (Gifted)
German rules sheets only:
Halb so wild
De Kloosters
Klöster in Deutschland
Die Schule (The School)

I was thinking of creating a separate WTB post but for good sake I'll enlist the items I'm missing.
Some of them can still be bought but I only see them on North America sites and I would prefer to buy them form an European supplier, I had some bad experiences with customs:
Wheel of Fortune, the wheel tile and the specific tiles.
The Corn Circles I
The Phantom with meeples supporting 8 player with original colours plus pink and purple.
The Mini Expansion from Games Quarterly
The Tunnel
The Plague
Bonusplättchen Spiel 2014
I'm missing 5 tiles from P&D so if you have them in surplus just advise.
I'm missing The Festival and Die Belagerer but I believe these are still available from cundco.

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