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The rules state that "The tiles with dirt roads are placed normally. Note that a dirt road cannot be connected to a normal road." In the attached image one section of dirt road is clearly joined to a 'normal' road. The extension doesn't really make sense if the two types of road cannot be joined but I wanted to clarify things.


I would agree. The rules are contradictory. My guess would be the author went back and forth with how they wanted it and as a result left their rules ambiguous.

There seems to be more indication that the dirt road can connect to a regular road, than not. There are two statements that indicate that a regular road that includes any segment of a dirt road does not score any points. And as you point out the picture example itself. It seems pretty clear that regular roads and dirt roads may connect.

Good find. I guess you would have to house rule the offending contradiction away.

(By the way, we have an area for "Unofficial Rules" questions. I am going to attempt to move this thread there.)

Sorry about putting this in the wrong forum (new member syndrome) - thanks for the reply.

No problem. Welcome to the Carcassonne Central Forum! Glad to have you on!

I do have a possible side rule to suggeat. Since dirt roads aren't technically roads as such, only trails formed by feet and wheels, they could be used to extend a field, so a field would score as if the road was just a grass tile and didn't form a barrier between two farms. Also, it would score for a road since, in another sense, it is a road. What do you think?


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