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Playing with the Score Board in the center of the table


Sorry for the duplicate post, but it took me 11 days to complete and publish the Carcassonne Variant that I would like to share with everyone.  Let me start with a little history.

Our group plays Carcassonne every weekend with 4 and sometime 6 players, and we wanted to start using The Robber and/or The Messenger mini expansions, but, since these expansions are played with extra meeples on the Score Board, the players on that end of the table would have a definite advantage. So, we found a C1 example that would put the score board where everyone could see it, posted it on Carcassonne Central, and the first response was to ask for a C2 example.

As my username indicates, PapaGeek started work on creating the following C2 examples; one with basic tiles, one for the River 1 expansion, and one for the River 2 expansion.

Don’t try to use these examples, the resolution is way too low!

Basic Game

River 1

River 2

Then, I created a way for everyone to customize their own Score Board Start Tiles.

I did all of this on my Windows 10 PC, using Firefox, Microsoft Word, with an HP Office Jet Pro 6968 printer.
Here is the link to the webpage that contains all of the instructions on how to set up and use Microsoft Word / Firefox and the full sized examples you can print.

This page also contains a link at the end that will allow you to Build Your Own (BYO) custom Start Tile.

If your browser, printer, word processor, or operating system uses different settings, let me know and I will update the instruction on the webpage!

PS: I am a computer Geek. I built and programmed my first computer for the US Army in 1967. If anyone would like to contact me to help translate my Carcassonne Variant webpage from Geek Speak to Normal Human English, the help would be appreciated!



wow - thank you very much!  :(y)

super practical and beautiful solution - thanks for posting it here

Is there also a link to a c1 version?
We still prefer to play the classic graphic.

This is a copy of the original C1 file that led me to creating the BYO C2 versions.

It is a full 1242 by 828 pixel image, so all of the printing instructions on my Tile1 index page will apply to setting up your printer and printing this C1 image.

You should be able to right click on the image, then select copy image and save it to your PC.


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