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1 Gold Meeple 1 Silber Meeple 1 Bronce Meeple


So I resently bought an old Carcassonne Collection from a Guy who got it from his ex Girlfriend and the Collection contains a set of three meeples (1 Gold Meeple 1 Silber Meeple 1 Bronce Meeple) when i asked him if he knew whatthey where used for he said he didn't know and didn't want to ask his ex (wich i can understand) so I'm still wondering what these Meeples where used for, so I thought I ask.

Thanks for all your help in advance,


They have no official use. The publisher does not sell them; they are made by third parties.

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They may come from, where you can find these metallic colors besides regular and pastel ones:

…or are they actual metal meeples like these beauties that @Decar posted a while back!?

Anybody have some special rules for these meeples?!

Don't throw the metal ones at any one when you lose.  They hurt, alot.


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