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Bards of Carcassonne - Small city with Note converted to Castle

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There is Bards of Carcassonne fan expansions which can add Note token to City/Road/Field and this every note token on feature gives to Owner of feature +1 per each tile (city/road) or +1 per each city (field).

Expansion with rules and tiles can be found in download section:;sa=view;down=193

What is not covered in rules when Small City with Note is converted to Castle.
There can be multiple options what can be done, we can find good way and then we can ask Trebuchet (author of this Fan expansion) what community think.

So here is options when convert Small City to Castle
1. Nothing - note will be kept on city without any scoring effect into future
2. Note become be placed on Castle

When Note is placed in Castle there are several options to do when scoring vicinity feature:
1. Score +2 to Castle Owner due to original Feature was Small City and it will get 2 * +1 point to Owner of small city (now owner of Castle)
2. When Castle scores it will earn +1 point per tile for completed feature which fire Castle score like this Feature has that Note token - this can be intention to convert small city with note to Castle to get more bonuses
- example in vicinity of Castle is completed 4 tiles road with Inn. By default Castle scores 8 points for this road. But when Note is on Castle it gets 12 points, like in that road is placed Note.

Another question is Castle with Note at end of game, does it affect scoring of Field?
1. No
2. Add +1 for specific Castle with Note token. This means (City with Note gives not +4 but +5 resp. not +5 but +6 when pig)
3. Add +1 for each object affect scoring the Field. This means when on field are 10 objects and score of them is 30 then player scores 40 points as +1 per each object on Field.

Yes this can happen when Small City is created and none feature in vicinity of Castle is completed.

What do you think?
This expansions is in production as Addon into JCZ


Well best way is to do nothing. Other question is that Note is there. So it has to be somehow handled.
I have no favorite of solution, maybe you or Trebuchet will find other solution.

Just notice: @Trebuchet was last time online at on July 19, 2019, 07:16:19 AM

In my opinion it should do nothing, same way as Mage/Witch does nothing after converting small city into the castle.


--- Quote from: Snearone on January 23, 2022, 08:04:52 AM ---In my opinion it should do nothing, same way as Mage/Witch does nothing after converting small city into the castle.

--- End quote ---
Ok. This sounds as precedence which we can use.

My preference would be that the Note prevents the city from becoming a Castle.  This makes tactics with the Note more interesting, because a player with a large city could place the Note in an unoccupied city cap that is adjacent to the city, in order to prevent another player from making that city cap into a Castle.


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