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I don't see any issues in placing two adjacent veto tiles. The veto tile acts as an empty space that can only be occupied by the owner of the City Councilor meeple (it is like a reserved empty space). When replacing one of the two veto tiles, the edge adjacent to the other veto tile can be of any type, the same as if there was no veto tile at all.

Additionally if both Players 1 and 2 have one veto tile each, they could counter veto each other, if desired...  ;)

I was going to say the same as meepledrone has said above about allowing two adjacent veto tiles. Each player may only have one Veto tile at a time, so that can be in their supply, or on the board with their meeple on it. As the rules state, one player may veto a placement, and the original player can counter with their own - the veto tiles are immediately discarded, so I assume it means the original player gets to place the tile in that initial location after all. The fact that tiles must be placed next to at least one "real" land tile means that situations could occur where two separate VETO tiles do end up touching.

Thank you both!


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