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Yo dudes! 8)

Things have been pretty quiet on the forums lately, which is a bit of a surprise considering that we have the Secret Santa in full swing, my "Spare Bits Giveaway", the next World Cup of Carcassonne Central starting imminently and an influx of overly optimistic cundco customers not getting a Spiel 17 tile. But this is the moment that you have really been waiting for... the... 2017... Carcassonne Central... Advent Quiz! :red-meeple: :white-meeple: :red-meeple:

My personal excitement for this is so great that I tried to run it last year thanks to a triumph of roman numeral confusion, but was convinced to wait until this year for it and to run the 2016 Advent Quiz last year in its place.

If per chance you have no idea what I'm talking about, please follow the following for either the 2016 quiz or the 2015 quiz. Can't be bothered to do that? Fine then. Here's a recap:

- Between the 1st and 24th December I will post a single question each day (at a random time), to which the answer will be the name of a member of our community here at CarcC. Going on previous experience, it seems likely that most questions will be fairly easy for most people to answer (I'm the one posing them after all :P), but I won't ever ask anything that a quick and/ or cunning search of the forums won't reveal.

- When you know the answer, don't post it on this thread! :-X Because then everyone will know, and we don't want that. Instead, send me a PM including the question number and your answer for that day. I won't respond to your PM (please don't be offended), but if you get the answer correct you will win one or more quiz points depending on how many others have answered it correctly before you: 3 points for the first person to provide a correct answer, 2 points to the second and 1 point for anyone else who answers correctly. C:-)

- There's no cut-off date for any particular questions so don't despair if you miss any. You can even answer all 24 questions on Christmas eve if you want, but don't expect to score big overall...

- Once Christmas and boxing day are behind us, I will post the correct answers – one at a time – along with who won the big points (or indeed any points) and total scores per participant. This is where it gets really fun! :o :(y)

- The overall winner will be the person with the most points at the end of the quiz, but there is likely to be a small prize for everyone who answers all questions regardless of whether they manage to answer any of them correctly. Last year I gave away something very special indeed, and I'm hoping to think of something even more specialer between now and the end of the quiz. But obviously it will be a surprise. O:-)

Hopefully that's clear? Please check the 2016 quiz thread if you have any specific questions as they might have been asked and answered there, or post here if you're still confused...

You have slightly more than two weeks to learn everything there is to know about your specialist subject: "The life and times of Carcassonne Central in 2017" and I'll post here again soon. Happy revising! ???


Sounds really fun!   :violet-meeple:

I can't believe you'll top last years prize.  I'm never parting with mine.  :))

Ok, I'm ready, but I'm sure I'll forget this event frequently ...

I'm gonna try to answer them all O0


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