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WTB: Old artwork Carcassonne Hills and Sheep and/or Count, King and Robber

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Hello everyone,

I am looking to buy Carcassonne expansions Hills and Sheep and/or Count, King and Robber in the old artwork style.  Ideally complete and in original box including the instructions.  Doesn't have to be sealed but in good used condition. English language.

Postal would be to the United Kingdom.

Best wishes


holla, 9th expansion i have sealed polish version. 30 eur. Shipping ftom lithuania

Thank you for your kind reply.  I am looking for the English language version.

Many thanks.

I have both in English that I'd be willing to sell.  Let me check which I bought as separately packaged expansions vs ones I got as part of a Big Box, because if part of a Big Box there wouldn't be a box or independent instruction sheet.  Would be posting from the US so shipping won't be cheap!

Hi gamgeefan2,

Thank you for your reply - I am very interested.  Let me know when you’ve had a chance to look.

Many thanks


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