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Christmas Present (2013) print-and-play expansion

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Just when you thought you knew every Carcassonne expansion that had been published, one of your friends ([mention]BigBoss [/mention] ) manages to stumble across this long-forgotten gem from nine years ago!

Christmas Present was released in December 2013 by the Hungarian publisher Piatnik through JEM - Játékos Emberek Magazinja as a print-and-play expansion. Although coinciding with the release of the Winter Edition, the artwork on the 64 cards was drawn from the decidedly non-winter original artwork by Doris Matthäus, though this expansion can work well with any edition.

This expansion is so similar to The Gifts (released 2021) that we suspect it may have served as inspiration. The original Hungarian version contains many more abilities, however, and the cards are divided into two separate decks of 32 cards each. Some cards are resolved immediately upon drawing, while others are saved for the right moment.

It’s unclear whether Piatnik ever produced any physical copies. The BGG entry showed zero owners of this expansion prior to registering my handmade copy. Is this the only physical copy in existence?

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What the hell Is that now?!?   :o

LaPorxada (aka BigBoss):

--- Quote from: aenima on November 02, 2022, 02:41:24 PM ---What the hell Is that now?!?   :o

--- End quote ---

Exactly my thoughts when I discovered this extension the other day ;-)

Thanks for your review and your beautiful handmade edition!

There is a download link but not for the game  :-[

LaPorxada (aka BigBoss):

JEM have said they will upload the PDF to their website, but check your pm ;-)


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