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First game of (kinda) Mega Carcassonne

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I like that start setup.


--- Quote from: Sir Lose-a-Farm on October 04, 2022, 02:17:51 PM ---Let's go!

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Still playing?    ;D


--- Quote from: kothmann on October 06, 2022, 05:39:03 AM ---Still playing?    ;D

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We have to even start yet  :)

We finally started playing  O0 After a couple hours the table looked like this:

Some things we noticed:

* We added too many meeples and special features. Since there were a lot of tiles involved we thought it was a good idea to add some more but this backfired on us: there are too many of them, removing that sense of risk that often makes a game more interesting. Even small things - like two abbey tiles instead of one - felt wrong: there's almost no sense of sacrifice, ever.
* (Two dragons would have made sense though).
* We probably won't use all of the tiles. The table is already half full and we used maybe 1/3 of the tiles.
* An only 50-points scoreboard is a pain in the a** in a game of Mega-Carcassonne  ;D
* After almost 1 year of playing together, we yet have to master the rules of the game, or better, the complexity of the interaction among many expansions obviously not created to be mixed together  ;D We have A LOT of doubts and I'll start a dedicated thread when the game is over

Welcome in Mage-Carcassonne players family.

Some expansions in mega carcassonne as loosing it's power or are useless when you have a lot of meeples.

Some of destructive expansions like Tower / Dragon help you to save meeples, so then you have more meeple as you thought, because some of blocked meeples can be rescued.

It is good to play a lot of combinations in Mega Carcassonne and you find your "golden selection" which will be fine for both of you.

I see, you are playing C1, so try to play German Monasteries eventualy Dutch monasteries. Very powerfull in Mega Carcassonne, and then you will not have enough meeples :D

Keep playing and enjoy game


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