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Center Scoreboard Tiles


Our personal neighborhood group of 4 players who also invited others to join us for even larger games found that the two players who sit next to the scoreboard at one edge of the table have an advantage over the other players who do not have a good view of the scoreboard.  This is especially true when we are playing with expansions like The Messages or The Robbers.  So we decided to find a way to place the scoreboard in the center of the table so every player has equal visibility and access to the scoreboard.

We have designed 5 different versions of the scoreboard so far and we have designed a webpage to help others to print their own copies of the scoreboards.  There are also two additional page links at the bottom of the page for anyone who want to design and print their own personal center scoreboards.

This is the link to the first page for downloading our current scoreboards, we would appreciate your opinion on having the scoreboard in the center of the table when there are more than two players and also your opinion on letting others design and print their own personal versions.



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