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New Mini and Ukraine Promo tile announced for Essen and subsequent Cundco

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Today, new items were added to the Cundco Autumn 2022 section!

A new Mini expansion, called The Bets has been announced:

According to Cundco: "With this mini-expansion you place bets on how many tiles a road or a city will consist of upon completion. Influence these areas in your favor and get the extra points."

And a special Ukraine Promo 2022 tile as well!

Proceeds from this tile will go to the charity of Ukraine. The tile does not come with additional rules, but it can be used as an Inn when using I&C, and/or as (shield) Crop Circle when using the Crop Circles.


Nice, thanks for sharing  :yellow-meeple:

NGC 54:
I think that The Bets is awesome, but I am not a fan of this promo tile.

Do you think they'll make these broadly available or will they print them in 18 copies (for the joy of eBay scalpers?)

The Bets is very likely to be just like every other mini expansion, so with a very wide availability.

The Ukraine Promo is said (on the Cundco listing) to be in limited quantity, available at Essen and the rest on Cundco. I expect them to be similar in availability as the Spiel tiles usually are.


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