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Carcassonne Maps: Ukraine will be sold at Essen and Cundco after that

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HiG have today announced that there will be a special new Carcassonne Maps: Ukraine, that will be sold at Essen and Cundco afterwards.
All profits will be donated to a charity involved with helping the people affected by the war.



Great news, thanks! Nice that HiG is doing another charity product  :(y)

Thanks for the update Willem.

+1 merit from me for sharing. :(y)

+1 from me too Willem, thanks for sharing.

Shame the image is a bit small, not many clues as to what's happening on the board.

I've cropped the image, and tried my best CSI Enhancement...
didn't do much, but you can see a little bit on what cities are highlighted, and seems there might be an interesting new set of rules for the chips!


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