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Hey everyone. Hope you're all well. :)

I wanted to let anyone who might be interested in playing some online board games know that I've created a Carcassonne Central group at Board Game Arena (BGA). I've invited as many CarcC members as I'm aware of from my friends list, but it's an open group so you should be able to join even without an invite. The group can be found here: Players of all abilities are very welcome and encouraged to join!

BGA makes it pretty easy to organise tournaments in a range of styles (Swiss/ single elimination/ round robin) so my intention is that we can use the group to host CarcC tournaments for Carcassonne (and other games) and have some fun together over a few games of whatever boardgames everyone wants to play without getting too serious about it all.

Please post thoughts/ comments here, or list any games you'd be interested in playing against other CarcC regulars...

I'll update again here in a week or so. Hope to see you there before then! 8) :(y)


Interesting, I will look into this, I have not played BGA carc in a while. Thanks for the initiative!

Thanks Dan nice idea. +1 from me

I'm already there :)

Odoslané z SM-A202F pomocou Tapatalku

Nice idea!

Are you organizing a CarcC Summer Championship then?

+1 merit from me.


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