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Tactical Tuesday -- Week 05

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JCloisterZone File.  (Thanks @Bumsakalaka for the template last week!)

Introduction: A different game from weeks 01-04...

Configuration: Base game only (72 tiles & 7 meeples per player)

Players: Black, Gray, Red, Yellow (order of play as listed, alphabetical by color name).

Score: B=8, G=8, R=8, Y=8

Previous Turns & Scoring:
 1. B[ 1; 0] FFRR / thief /
 2. G[ 0;-1] FRRF / thief /
 3. R[ 2; 0] FCCF / farmer /
 4. Y[-1;-1] RFRF / thief /
 5. B[ 0; 1] RRCC / knight /
 6. G[ 1;-1] RFFR / /
 7. R[ 2;-1] CFFF / knight / R+4
 8. Y[-1; 0] CRRC / knight /
 9. B[ 0; 2] RFRF / farmer /
10. G[-1;-3] RRCC / knight /
11. R[ 3; 0] FRRC / knight / R+4
12. Y[-1; 1] RCCC / thief /
13. B[ 0;-2] RCRR / knight / B+8, G+8, Y+8
14. G[ 4; 0] RFRR / farmer /

Current Decision (photo below):
Red has now drawn the CCCF tile.
Where should they place the tile?
Should they place a meeple and if so, where?
Feel free to comment on previous moves, but the emphasis is on Red's current move.

Option A (photo below)
[ 5; 0], CCCF, meeple as knight in the city.

Option B (photo below)
[ 3; 1], CCFC, meeple as knight in the city.

Option C (photo below)
[ 2; 1], CCFC, meeple as knight in the city.

Option D (photo below)
[ 1; 2], CCCF, meeple as knight in the city.

Option E (photo below)
[-2;-1], CFCC, meeple as knight in the city.

Option F (photo below)
[ 2;-2], FCCC, meeple as knight in the city.

Option G (photo below)
[-2; 0], CCFC, meeple farmer in the field.

Option H (none of the above)
Please describe a better play in your reply.


This week question is very good. I would like to have it before last week championship of slovakia :D

The is also option [-2;-2] with orientation FCCC and placement of meeple to field. Similar to Option G but enlarge city only with one opponent (grey one)

I'm happy that JCZ template helps.

Anyway 5.8.0 of JCloisterZone released yesterday wich support online game!

I like Option E because sharing is caring

I too like option E.  Chances are pretty good Red's going to be glomming onto somebody's city without much fuss, and it's in Red's farmer field too.  Win win.

Ok. There are still in deck CCFf tile (2 small cities). So Probably intention from Option E to invade to both cities can be demaged by this tile if come.
Another issue is large cities in basic game. Which usually will not be closed during game but not sure when 4 playes.
16 tiles placed, so still 56 to place means 14 per player.

We also need consider option to B2 - place meeple on field, hmm?


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