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Is this picture real? Winter Edition (2020) with River.

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At german forum was published picture of new Winter Edition.
It has River expansion but without Abbot and gardens.
I put it here, because this picture looks really REAL ;-)
What do you think?
About reedition of Winter edition was discition and rumors.
Maybe, is comming, it is real.


The design of the box follows the C2 design: Full image slightly framed. Game name over the top part of the image.

You can see the regular WE box cover here and compare:

A member of CarcF found this while shopping in Stuttgart today:

Check the curve of the river: there something brownish resembling a garden, tight? But there is no mention on the box like you you said.

So it seems after all that HiG just rebundled it to add the River and get our money...

Will HIG dare to release WE I&C and WE T&B or even a WE Big Box?  :o

What abut a WE P&D with an ice dragon... I think I'm feverish...

The gardens are dead, so have no value.  The farmers can ice skate over the river, so it doesn't break up the farms.   >:D

The pseudo-garden will probably have no function. Certain non-base game tiles present in the old winter version had pseudo-inns, but those didn't have any functions either.

So wait, this new edition just has the river, otherwise it is exactly the same?


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