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Special message from Chris Korfmann


Our good buddy Chris Korfmann sent me this message via BoardGameGeek exactly one month ago.

--- Quote ---To my friends and members of our happy Carcassonne community. The new year happens to coincide with a fork in the road for me personally, while I have made several resolutions in the past few weeks, I don't necessarily think of them as New Year's resolutions. I'm trying to make myself more healthy and spend more time with my family, mostly by weening myself off the internet and into a pair of gym shorts. While it is not true that the recent techinical difficulties of the site have brought me to the decision to step down as a CC mod, I can't say that the situation doesn't make it a little easier. I would like to nominiate kettlefish to take my place as I'm sure that Marion would do a fine job in that capacity. I wish you well as you continue to explore your enjoyment of this fine pass time. May you always pull the tile you need! Blessings and happy gaming.

Chris Korfmann
--- End quote ---


Good for him for taking charge of his life and doing what is neccesary!  :)

Health is one of the things most people neglect...

Great for you Chris! We'll miss you but maybe we'll see you around the net. Thanks for all you've done for the site and the game. Take care!

Good on him, he has been an immense help in the past and of course we wish him all the best. The door is always open!


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