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Meeple Geocaching - 99 Meeples on the way to Leipzig/Germany


Meeple Geocaching - by Udo Schmitz - Carcassonne-on-Tour:
99 Meeples on the way to Leipzig/Germany

Have you already heard from our Carcassonne-Geocaching event "99 Meeples on the way to Leipzig/Germany"?
Worldwide, we have hidden 99 Meeple which should be sent by Geocacher to the Leipzig Game Fair in October 2013.
Every Meeple carries a tag with the following information:

I am a Meeple, a play-figure from the famous board game
CARCASSONNE, which is played all over the world. My aim
is to travel to Leipzig/Germany, where I want to arrive
at 10/3/2013. On my way, I would like to rest in at least
15 different Caches and be carried from 10 different Cachers!

And in September we need help from all Cachers, traveling to Joshua Tree Nationalpark, Palm Springs, San Diego and Jackson/Wyoming.
On our trip through California and to the Yellowstone NP some Meeples will hit the road.

In the following Caches we will hide a Meeple-Travel Bug.

 towndate of depositcache namecache code29 Palm, CA09/01/13BIG TWO NINEGC1RP04Palm Springs, CA09/02/13need same SKIL to workGC39VHCSan Diego, CA09/04/13I love cookiesGC38RB0Jackson, WY09/09/13Sooo..where's the hole in Jackson???GC26HGK
It would be nice if these 4 Meeple catched her aim in Denver up to 09/14/13 noon. Friends take them then back with to Europe.
Here the aim Cache:
towndate of depositcache namecache codeDenver, CO09/14/13Flower FairiesGC1EZ3N
We already say thank you all Carcassonne-fans and Cachern for the friendly support.


Very cool idea.  :(y)

Fun idea. We Geocache...but not in California  :(


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