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The surprising package was an idea from Udo Schmitz - Carcassonne-on-Tour.
He sent me a big "surprising package".
My job is it to send all the pieces to the members of our community (CarcC+CarcF).
Maik63de (Admin at CarcF) and I were making a plan "who gets a package" and we informed Scott about our thoughts.
Then I called with HiG - Moritz Brunnhofer. He told me that HiG are paying all the shipping costs.

The surprising package is a complete gift from our cooperation:
 "We say thank you for all your work in the community of Carcassonne"
- kettlefish - Marion (Moderator at CarcF+CarcC)
- maik63de - Maik (Admin at CarcF)
- Scott - (Admin at CarcC)
- Udo Schmitz (Carcassonne-on-Tour)
 - in the background: HiG

In the moment I can't tell you what is in the "Surprising Package" because some packages are on the way to the members.


Scott has posted at CarcassonneCentral facebook his own "surprising package".
But his package is different than the others.

Here is what I received:

The two coasters are from the second set of coasters in the Cundco shop. I can't tell you what is in the other packages, but I think it's more exciting. Kettlefish asked me to handle distribution for Canada, and one of the lucky recipients chosen was Gantry without whom this site would not have existed. Gantry and I work in the same city, so my plan is to deliver his package in person. I have spoken with him on the telephone a few times, but we have not met in person, which Kettlefish thinks is very strange. We don't have official fan meetings here, so there aren't opportunities to meet other Carcassonne fans in person.

I called with Moritz Brunnhofer - HiG - yesterday.
I told him that you both you never had seen before.
There needs a "surprising package" send from Germany that you both will meet together the first time.
Moritz was laughing out loud...     
"We are joining the people with the game"
... in this case two "virtual friends since years" - two admins from the same forum... - working in the same city...
Really crazy...

To meet each other don't need an "officially" fan-meeting. Ring him up, make an appointment and go together in a pub - drink a beer and play...

That is it what we liked to do with Udo Schmitz (Carcassonne-on-Tour).
He likes to meet us (Maik and me). So I wrote to some members at CarcF+CarcC a PM.
The plan was that we were 6 people for the meeting. Only the flood in Germany made it not happen...

I also called with Udo yesterday. He said "The game is joining the people". Almost the same what Moritz told me.

Today I recevied a package as well.

I wish to thank everyone involved for this, but most of all kettlefish! I did not really deserve this. :)


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