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27-02-2013 EDIT: The problem has now been resolved. I was a little worried because of the lack of reply from Cundco's end, but understand that circumstances were difficult for the one person running the online shop. I believe the goods to be on the way, and I'm happy to recommend Cundco to my fellow Carcassonne fans.

Hi friends,

I'm having some problems getting Cundco to respond to my emails with an update as to the status of my order.

1) I ordered and paid for a decent sized order around the 20th of January.

2) On the 24 January they sent me this email indicating everything was ready to be sent

--- Quote ---we've received your payment and your order is ready to go.
But for parcel deliveries out of the EU, we need a telephone number for the customs documents.
Please send us yours, many thanks.
--- End quote ---

3) I promptly replied to them with my phone number.

4) Then on the 5 February I sent them another email to find out the latest status of my order

5) They replied on the 7 February suggesting they were still waiting for my phone number

--- Quote ---we are still waiting for the telephone number from you. without that, we are not able to sent it.
--- End quote ---

6) I then sent my phone number two more times on the 7th and on the 8th of February thinking it would be sorted.

7) I have subsequently sent them 2 more emails asking for an indication of where the order is at, but no one has replied.

As you can imagine I'm starting to get quite annoyed  >:( >:(. I don't mind waiting for a product, but missing emails I've sent to them and not replying to them is not professional at all. Could someone please advise me as to what I should do.



Hans im Glück:
Dear Albino Asian,

we're shocked to hear your story. Please note that "Carcassonne und Co" is not the same company as "Hans im Glück". So we can not tell you what went wrong. "Carcassonne und Co" is run by one person, as a "spare time project". So it is obvious that something can go wrong sometimes. But we assure everybody that the shop "Carcassonne & Co" is trustworthy and tries to handle every complaint in a customer-friendly way.

A few general rules if you want to contact the Shop
1. Please do not call or write to Hans im Glück.
2. The best way to contact the shop is via email at
3. Please always include your customer number and your order number (Bestellnummer)
4. Sometimes, you will need to wait for an answer for more than a week (The guy at cundco can be sick, on holidays and so on...)

Everything should go well if you follow these rules.

Hans im Glück,

I'm very appreciative for your reply
I have been following steps 1-4. So I guess I will just wait some more.

I live in the US, have made 3 separate orders through, and have had only excellent experiences with them.  Moritz Brunnhofer, who I assume is the one person HiG referred to above, is even able to communicate with me in English, which is much appreciated.  I don't believe I had to wait more than a week to hear back from any emails I sent to him.  Hopefully this is just an isolated occurrence and that you receive your goods soon. 

I've also had good experience with Cundco each time.


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