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Hello all!
I'm looking mainly for the:
  • Winter Edition with the River expansion,
  • South Seas
  • Japanese Building mini expansion
Is it possible to buy it in retail anywhere? Seems to be sold out everywhere I look, and the Ebay prices seems to be very high.
If any of you would like to sell it please let me know here or in the PM. I'm from Europe.

I'm also looking to buy some other expansions, maybe someone will be able to help me with getting any of these:
  • The City
  • Star Wars Expansion 1
  • Darmstadt Promo
  • The Tunnel (Der Tunnel)
  • The Plague (Die Pest)
  • The Cathars (Die Katharer)
  • Cult, Siege & Creativity (2008)
  • The Siege (Die Belagerer) (2013)
  • Monasteries in the Netherlands & Belgium (de Kloosters)
  • The River I, II, III (1st Edition)
  • Festival 2010 (1st Edition)
  • Spiel promo tiles (14 - 21)
  • Russian Tiles

Thanks and cheers!

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