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WTB Original Artwork Hills & Sheep, The Gold Mines and The Ferries


If anyone is selling or know where I can buy these expansions from I would be eternally grateful. I don't mind what language they are as long as its the original artwork. I understand I probably wont be paying retail price for them right now, but somethin within reality unlike ebay listings would be nice. :-) Thanks for any advice even though I know its a long shot.'
In Australia, so postage will be a consideration too.



I have the ferries for CHF 25, shipping costs would be CHF 9 (+ CHF 5 if you want registered and trackable letter), and paypal fees CHF 2.50, total CHF 36.50.

See topic below for picture and condition of the expansion:

Did you also check Prices here are often high, but you may find some interesting things  :yellow-meeple:

Shipping costs from Switzerland are quite high, sorry for that  :-\

On this finnish site the minis are cheap :) I don't know about the postage tho  :-\

Thanks for the replies everyone. I found through another forum on here a link to Halfmoon Games in Finland which had them. The postage was 20 euros. Wasn't great. But at lease I ended up getting them including postage for about $22 Australian dollars each (Also got some pink trains for Ticket To Ride) which is better than the $100 odd dollars they are charging on the Australian ebay site. Now just need to track down this elusive Hills And Sheep!


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