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Are there players here who actually do play with the new edition (CC II)?

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Hi fellow players,

I am not new to the Carcassonne world (I am German and I played from the beginning of the game...), I am not even new to this forum (I joined in 2017), but after many years of silence and background activity (meaning crafting those wonderful fan expansions and playing them with much joy) this is my first post :)
I am a little sad to see that the activity around Carcassonne seems to go down and I am getting the impression that most of the players left are die hard CC I fans....  :yellow-meeple:
Dont get me wrong, I also do prefer CC I (for a lot of reasons) but I have no trouble playing with mixed games or even with only the new edition.
So, is my impression right or wrong? Pleeeease convince me that I am wrong  ;)

The real reason why I am asking 8):  I am just now developing my own very first fan expansion - idea was from a few days ago (I posted it in the German Carcassonne Forum) but it is only for CC II.
Do you think I can find players willing to test knowing that test has to be in CC II ? Are there even enough active players to find somebody willing to test? 

Thanks a lot for replying! :) :) :)

PS: and thanks a lot to all the wonderful people who have created those wonderful fan expansions I like to play with... :)


Hi Challa007!

Congrats on your first post! You will find all types of players on the forum: Die-hard C1 lovers, others who only knew C2, people who only play with one edition, some others who can mix editions, members who play only the base game, others who love to mix a zillion expansions... you name it.

I have a C1 collection and mainly play with C2 with some additions from C1 as I see fit. As I say, in the heat of the game, the artwork is not affecting the course of the game.

The activity comes and goes and lately we haven't seen much activity around new fan expansions after the summer break. I think that it becomes contagious when several people want to collaborate and create new expansions or when a member pitches a new idea and others love it and share their suggestions.

So I encourage you to post your idea (Der große Wegelagerer ;D) and let the fun begin!  O0

Hi Challa007!

I am happy to say that your impression is incorrect  ;D If anything there is trouble finding C1 people nowadays. Most of the people here seem to have moved on to C2, or even more often start with it outright.
The forum is very active and new stuff is constantly being discussed, created and announced.  :gray-meeple:

I'm playing mostly C2 these days, also because that's what they release new stuff for. So if a new expansion comes out I want to try it, and I don't like mixing art styles.
I've got a full C1 playset, that occasionally comes out though. Haven't forgotten about C1!


--- Quote from: Meepledrone on November 14, 2021, 12:38:03 AM ---

So I encourage you to post your idea (Der große Wegelagerer ;D) and let the fun begin!  O0

--- End quote ---

Thanks Meepledrone for your reply and obviously you are a very well known person also in Carcassonne Forum and have already found my idea  ;) :) :(y)
FYI, I just uploaded the English translation...

It would indeed be great fun to discuss my idea also here, I would love that, but one more question there: Am I not getting in trouble posting my idea in both forums? :-[ I mean I dont see any problem, but do forums like to proudly say: this fan expansion was developed by CCentral or CarcF, because then I get in trouble.... (just want to be sure beforehand...)  :)


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