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Tactical Tips for Ferries

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I like the Ferries more than I thought I would.  It’s a bit chaotic but fun.

The obvious new tactic is simply to use a ferry to join an opponent’s valuable road.  More than some other expansions, I like this because the opponent often has a chance to kick you out before the road is completed.  So player interaction and tension rise.  Fun.

But are there other more subtle tactics?  I’m especially interested in ways to combine multiple ferry tiles in interesting or unexpected ways.  (I think 8 ferry tiles is too many so I’m thinking of splitting up my set into 2 groups in an irreversible way.  But before I do that, I’m wondering if I might end up losing out on something that is really cool.)

Thanks in advance for any tips.


Scoring more then once the "same" road. Especially when it have an inn. Even better when combined with Mage meeple.
Yes, my friends don't like it, but I do. Very much  ;D ;D ;D

I searched the Forum for tips on playing Ferries, and found this little gem:

--- Quote from: stalcupojoy on December 22, 2016, 07:49:09 PM ---...I did once try to convince my wife to play a game with just the six Ferries tiles, just to make our brains hurt -- it never happened

--- End quote ---

I didn't want to play with just 6 tiles, but I do like small games, so I decided to give it a go--it was fun!

Used the RRRR Ferry as the start tile, and then grabbed 24 other interesting tiles with no cities.  To prevent cloisters from being too powerful, they scored only 5 points when surrounded by adjacent (non-diagonal) tiles.  Inns scored as usual.  No gold or dragon.

The photo shows Yellow placing the last tile of the game.  Final score of this self-play test: Red 42, Yellow 41, Black 41.

I feel like it helped me develop a sense of how to play Ferries.  But also could be a fun little diversion on its own.  My daughter has already agreed to play next time we're together, so stay tuned for a real game report...

Played with my wife.  I got 4/5 cloisters but she got 4/5 Inns.  She didn’t get closing tiles at the end and I squeaked out a win 38-36.

I definitely understand Ferries better now.  Particularly how to permanently fix a ferry when completing a road versus how to make it possible to reopen it.  >:D



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