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I love the postman...

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Ha ha ha!

The postman was missing you!

You know expending your money makes me equally happy...  ;D

Interesting how the Nordic box is in English.

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During the First World War, gold and silver became so valuable that the French citizens started hoarding coins which were still being made from gold and silver at that time. This made it difficult for merchants to give change to customers who would only pay in banknotes. The Paris Chamber of Commerce pleaded with the National Bank to allow them to issue emergency currency, and this request was granted. The Chambers of Commerce in other cities and towns followed suit, and in 1914 the Carcassonne Chamber of Commerce sent 600,000 francs to the National Bank, allowing them to issue an equivalent value of smaller denomination currency. They issued 50-cent and 1-franc banknotes. Another 400,000 francs were sent in 1917, and another series of banknotes were issued in 50-cent and 1-franc denominations. Also in 1917, they issued 5-cent, 10-cent, and 25-cent coins. Even after the war, the two more series of banknotes were issued in 1920 and 1922 at a value of 900,000 francs and 500,000 francs respectively. These banknotes were legal tender among the merchants in their respective cities, and could be exchanged for official currency if you collected enough of them.

Pictured below are a 10-cent coin, 25-cent coin, and 50-cent note. The value of the coins is printed on the other side. The 5-cent coin is also round but slightly smaller. The coins are made from aluminum and VERY thin; each weighs about a gram.

The banknote is from the 1922 issue. The 1-franc note was the same colour (both sides). The 1920 notes were blue/brown and orange/brown, the 1917 notes were red and blue (both sides), and the 1914 notes were brown/orange. (Slashes mean first colour on face, second colour on back.) The 1914 notes feature the cityscape on the back, and all subsequent notes feature the Aude gate design shown here.

I have the other notes on the way, as well as the 5-cent coin. I will share more photos when they arrive.

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Haven't heard confirmation from ZMG that their C3 base game is out yet. I remember when i ordered the ZMG BB7 i asked the shop if they had any idea about the base game, and they said they had no idea yet.

A few days ago i was ordering some stuff online, and noticed a listing for the Carcassonne base game. It had it before, but with both C3 and C2 box art, so that was probably old C2 stock.
Now the pictures were all updated to be C3, so i figured i'd take a gamble....

Today i received the parcel, and there it is!

ZMG have made a thing!

Im curious when they gonna release the dutch C3 basegame


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