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Advent Sale 2021 started

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The advent sale just started. The following items are added to the webshop:
- Spiel tile 2021
- Advent package including for example the wind roses mini and spiel doch promo
- New mini-expansion The Signposts
- Scoring Flags

Have fun shopping :D


Still waiting for big box and WE…

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Yeah, order placed  :yellow-meeple:

I ordered the two new minis, scoring flags, spiel 2021 tile, big cotton bag, previously missing frozen and clear meeple sets and some spares (tiles with dark background to place the cutcassonne river tiles with in a sleeve), but I didn't order the advent package, doesn't seem to have anything worth buying it.

I have the Advent Package in my shopping trolley but it will not let me check out.. warning about shipping weight limit of 31.5kg..

Pretty sure the package (+ 1 spiel tile) is not that heavy even with 4 Meeple candles in it..

Anybody else having same issue? Or just U.K. / just me?

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I had this issue but only with meeple sets added. Wasn't a problem for me since I decided to not buy the advent package. Try removing some stuffs from your card and adding them again.

I didn't receive any order confirmation e-mail though... Someone else having this issue ?


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