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Carcassonne new basic game 3.0

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Hey guys, my good friend Den Ozzy (he did heard it from Willem) just showed me something brand new.
Carcassonne basic game 3.0


Hahaha same edition like 20th anniversary but without easter eggs, flags and glossy parts… Similar to C2 but different colors and more details on illustrations. Not soo diferent like C1vsC2.
Here this version many users start to called C2.2 but I have doubts about it when H&G added to her tile list… surely it will be C3 and they change the name version again…
The debate is open hahahaha

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With same river source as the new big box  :yellow-meeple:

at least won't need to buy a big box 7 to have that river source tile with road.

start to be a pain in the a** to cover everything, I start to understaand why people sell their old stuff.

Hmm. I collected all of the 1st edition and ended up getting many of the same expansions for 2nd as due to the inclusion of garden they were functionally different. Hopefully, there won’t be anything in 3rd to make me want to buy all the expansions again.


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