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Carcassonne Big Box with new tile format?

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Hello everyone,

Yesterday I came across the announcement of a new Carcassonne Big Box by Kaissa, the distributor of the Carcassonne series in Greece:

What really surprised me is that the image depicts the new format of tiles which is similar to the anniversary edition's tiles i.e. rounded corners and densely populated cities.
I have contacted the distributor for a clarification on whether all the tiles of the basic game and 11 expansions are like that, but I haven't received an answer yet.

Has anyone else heard/seen anything like that?

Best regards

P.S. On the image I also noticed a (deliberately?) wrongly placed tile adjacent to the lake & monastery of the river mouth.


It looks a bit like BB6 will be getting another print run, this time in C2.2.
We saw similar things in the promo images for The Gifts. It's BB6 tiles, but then in the newer format, also referred to as C2.2
My guess would be a reprint of BB6 is coming, but who knows :)

This is great to mix and separate C2.1 and C2.2 base game and expansions... except for the road-only tiles if they do not change.

See I told you this was comming in the Gifts topic!

Even the Base Game and the River I will be reprinted (the source tile and the lake tile will be changed). Another reprint after 20th Anniversary Edition. Study the image carefully.


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