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I want to join.

Hi zone2 - welcome to the forums. You have been added to the waiting list.  :(y)

Looks like there are four more who wish to join.

All the other groups have four.

Hmm....given the slow speed of some groups (Group A, I am looking at you!), would it be impractical for them to form Group E and start?

Hi Robert,

Two problems with that are:

1) All other groups have 5 members, your proposed Group E would have just 4. I guess this could be done anyway, but...
2) 5 groups with top 2 from each group = 10 qualifiers for knock-out stage which doesn't work (needs to be 8 )

If we were starting from the beginning again with 24 people, one idea may be split into 8 groups of 3, top 2 from each group qualify so we end up with 16 and play an extra round before the quarter-final at the knock-out stage. That would be too much upheaval now that we've got things underway with 4 groups. Maybe next time.

If we want to include these people in current Cup, better idea is to join 1 player into each group to form 4 groups with 6 players in each.
Or just leave everything as it is.


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