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One of our craziest openings ever

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Green Builder:
Game started and a huge, stubborn war for a road immediately broke out, helped by bridges and flying machines.

In the end, Red :red-meeple: and Black :black1-meeple: tied, 15 points each so there were no winners and no losers, and the battle moved to the nearest growing city...

On a serious note, happenings like this increasingly convince me that street segments should be counted, not tiles.

This was also the first time we tried out a new way to manage baazars in 2-players game:

* Player A draws a bazaar tile, he completes his turn normally, then draws another tile keeping it face down
* Player B also draws a tile, also keeping it face down
* Player A can either play the newly drawn tile or decide to switch tiles with Player B
* Player B has the ability to block the switch by paying 4 pointsIt worked well, way better than our previous method, involving a Whatsapp chat, well timed bidding and convoluted subrules in case of identical offers ;D

In the end, a very funny game. Final result: Black :black1-meeple: 144 - 114 :red-meeple: Red


Nice!  +1 from me.

Photo of final landscape?

Green Builder:

--- Quote from: kothmann on March 18, 2023, 05:36:11 PM ---Photo of final landscape?

--- End quote ---

Here it is:

The completion of the big city was ruined by red :red-meeple: by placing the CCFF on the right. At the time only one CCCF tile was remaining in the game. When Black :black1-meeple: - who was open to a friendly 3-3 tie for the city but was absolutely NOT open to keep fighting for it - drew it, he placed it somewhere else, dooming the city to an everlasting uncomplete status.

Nice review! Great crazy bridges! ;)

+1 merit from me.


--- Quote from: Green Builder on March 18, 2023, 04:30:05 PM ---…we tried out a new way to manage baazars in 2-players game…

--- End quote ---
This is great.  Simple and fun.  Could it work in a multi-player game if every player drew a tile, and then you just go around, with each player able to play the tile they got or swap with the player who comes next, unless that player pays 4 points to keep their tile?  Maybe if a player pays, the next player would have to swap or pay?  Anyway I like it.

--- Quote ---Here it is:

--- End quote ---
Great landscape!  No farmers?  Seems like a sensible choice with the crazy bridges—otherwise, the 10-city farm dominates the whole game.

Thanks again for sharing.


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